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Some crazy funny stuff

First Off- Some Ali G chattin it up with the NBA. Much repect

Amazing Japanese Machines -

And Lastly an AMAZING thing happened to this guy's brain. He's from England and he is a walking calculator and Rosetta Stone. He learned Icelandic in one week.



this will be my fark photo for my farking account


We broke down and, or rather from fear of breaking down, went and bought a new vehicle.

We needed something that would be safe and durable for the new baby and Liam and the miss's. So 10 year bumper to bumper and keyless entry (beep,beep) and a HUGE trunk for all kinds of junk sold us on this beauty.

Cheap, did I mention this is a cheap, good gas mileage, and very safe car?!?

SNL- Iran So Far Away

Exploding Piggy Bank


According to the Japanese company that makes it, if you neglect this Piggy Bank it explodes and, "Users must pick up and collect the scattered coins and reflect on their laziness."

Wanted: 2+ Bedroom for less than my soul

Married couple seeks two plus bedroom for family.

We need a washer and dryer for the baby girls clothes and for the young boys swim trunks and the daily wear of the two adults who goto work and school in Seattle.

We will need a dishwasher though we can do without if the price is right.

We would appreciate a close proximity to our sons school on Aurora and his mothers college in the Northgate Community.

I will gladly bus to work to let the miss's the one using the parking spot. Unless you do not have one, then she gets the street spot. Unless you don't have one, then she gets to hoof it down the street, she likes to run anayway, but with the baby on her shoulder it might be tricky, but don't you worry about that.

Oh, I know everything is being turned into condos and you might have the desire to raise the price to catch all that extra money floating around. . . but please don't.

I mean really. Which do you need more? A renting family that will stay and care for the …

kids make the darndest things

The caption reads something like 'the many small engineers ar happy to find supplies at our store'.

And Now. . .

By popular request. . .

More Baby Photos!!!

Keep checking for new pictures added to the link above.

A Star is Born!!!

Veronica Ruth Lindsley was born today at 2:53 in the morning. She weighed 10 lbs and 2 oz and was delivered in the master bedroom of our flat. She is sweet and olive and is a glorious addition to the planet's list of amazing people.

Want to see some brighter pics of Veronica? Click here!

Welcome V, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Peace to all,


Alki Beach, calm, cool, collected.

Alki with Fam


Sailor moon ~ Abandonvehicle

#7 ~ Abandonvehicle

last night we jammed. rough edit of 'Number 7', garage band style, but you get the idea.

The End ~ Abandonvehicle

Flight of the Conchords!!!

It's Business Time!!!

Taxation With Misrepresentation

Does anyone out there feel like the people in DC truly represent them?

It Takes America to Bomb a Village

Many years ago Hillary Clinton wrote a book called, 'It takes a Village' and it was from a quote from Africa where the line goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child'.

Sadly Hillary and most of the Democrats when voting in office have shown NONE of the backbone they display on the campaign trail. Cantwell from Washington voted for just about every plank of the Bush agenda, and so did many of the new Democrats that got in on the chant of 'Change direction in Iraq, NOW!!!'.

The Republicans lost it decades age when they went from the promise of small responsible government into the depths of the military industrial complex and the competitive struggle against the Democrats. Whether they ever had intention of smaller government in the late seventies and early eighties is debatable, but what is not up for debate is that the debt has gone through the roof over the past three decades and that is regardless of whether it is an (R) or (D) in charge of the whitey ho…

Miyazaki san

HeLLOO Chieftain

Rich has a new blog and a sassy new attitude.

Here it is y'all!!!

Hello Chieftain

News slip: Blind man is gay

How to piss off Scott

I'm Giving Her All I Got Captain!!!

I made it to Time Magazine

It all happened so fast. I was in my study and I came across a banner from CNN stating that they were looking for submissions for the debates. So I, holding my parrot on my shoulder, and using a Kodak LS753 camera I whipped out a question I had always sought to ask a major political figure. I then thought for a moment about how could I make my video stand out. Then it came to me. Spin the background around whilst staying calm in the center. So I did it in one take. Little did I know I would be recognized in time magazine for my efforts.

Being number seven of the CNN/Time magazine ten weirdest does not make me fell bad at all. I am not sure if they are rated in order from bad to good or from weirder to weirdest, but nonetheless I found a nice, middle of the road weirdocity of which I can be quite comfortable.

One last note, the comment from the Time/CNN writer asks if my video is 'creative? Or just nauseating?' Might I add that the reason I asked such a question is that mos…


A dangerous decision ~ WOMAD

The BBC reports that the United States is causing quite a stir by seeking to put Nukes in Europe.

The motivation behind the expanded missile defense include wanting to have a better response notification time when and if Russia, Iran, or any other government makes a move towards attacking the United States.

Here lies the problem.

We have been trouncing around this planet (we meaning the Americans) demanding, sanctioning, forcing others to cease and desist all expansion of nuclear exploration, research, purchasing of supplies. Whether it be argued right or wrong that we are somehow gifted with power over other sovereign nations it seems like approaching the middle east with the same stare you down machismo that won us the cold war might backfire in the middle east.

In the middle east there are segments of the population that would not hesitate to push the button. That would not hesitate to say to us with actions, "I'll see you in heaven or hell."

The cold war w…

The MOST amazing nature footage!!!

. . . and then we created the museum. . .

. . . and we see that it is good.

There is now, created in existence, a museum dedicated to the bible rendition of Creationism. The 'Creation Museum' is supposed to be a place for people to learn about the short 6,000 year history of the Planet Earth including when the dinosaurs loaded up on the Noah's Ark and chilled for almost two months in harmony with the other creatures. Perhaps this is where the unicorn met its final end (story for another museum someday: Creatures that went extinct on the ark).

This place is a $27 million dollar attempt at spreading the gospel truth about the age and miracle that is the planet Earth. Millions more, I am sure, will be spent by people trekking to this joint to teach their children.

I have to disagree with the banner they opted to use on the web site to entice people to come and pay money to go to this museum. It boldly forewarns, "Prepare to Believe."

Do I have to point out that %99 percent of the people that would pay…

inherited brilliance

all you have to do to be brilliant is retain what your parents impart onto you.

Debating Debate Policy for PC TV You See?!!?

The Seattle Times have taken to the subject of the political debates.

The subject of the Guthrie campaign came up(remember the candidate in the debates last year that actually opposed the war in Iraq, supported marriage equality, and not slamming the next twenty generations with a mountain of debt?).

A small number of people are complaining that Bruce Guthrie actually wasted valuable airtime. Um, how many countless hours and reams of paper were dedicated to the nothingness that was the Cantwell/Mcgavick race before Bruce turned up the heat?

I paid close attention to the fact that most of the pulp of these articles pre-Bruce were focused on how much money each candidate had in their campaign chest.

I'm sorry, THAT type of mass media is a waste of our time, not the inclusion of the dissenting voices.

So here is the link again, I have added my comment into the post.

Standing up to an elephants ass!!!

The way Ron stands up to this biased and short sighted prick, Hannity (who has a warped view of history), made this clip worthy of putting up on my blog. Keep it up Ron. You are the only republican for whom I would vote for President of the United States of America.

Give him some money folks if you want the antidote for the (R) lineup of drones.



IT'S A GIRRRRRRRL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bomb, Repeat, Bomb

Go, Fight, Win!

The Wind Made Me Do It!!!!!


Can you feel the power? Come on feel the noise! Blowhard! She blinded me. . . with science!

Ron Paul (R)

My answer to the global warming concern posed by Bill Maher. Downsize the American Government as it is the largest polluter on the face of the Earth. Eliminate the pork, reduce the size of the war machine, reduce the hand of the government invading our civil liberties, remove our military footprint in over a hundred countries across the globe, etc. (never has an etc weighed so much).

We the people have to care about our world enough to save it. It will only be a force of human positive will, not Orwellian handcuff force, that we will cause the type of response needed to address our part of this global warming problem we must face.

Ron did not display the high speed internet wit of Bill Maher, BUT he does respond with honest forthright and amazing answers (maybe he does have the high speed wit, but he is not use to the same audience as Bill every night).

So far, He is the only (R) for which I would vote as he is not for the neo-can agenda of social intolerance and fiscal irresponsibili…

a couple bucks is all I ask - ~~~

For a good cause, please support local activists working for sensible government. This is to give away an ipod at the next LPWA Convention this month. All additional funds will go to purchase fliers for socially tolerant and fiscally responsible government.

Best Wishes,


Love Birds???

Photo finish


Thou Shalt Always. . .

Welcome in America, well, not really. Trippin at the Canadian Border

Acid Free America?

War on Drugs meets War on Terror.

Innocent till proven guilty. No Self incrimination. Ex-post facto.

There is a litany of ideals that used to define American values. At one point there was the idea that if we embraced these values that Liberty would spread to all the nations we dealt with. ('Open relationships with all nations and entangling alliances with none' was part of that idea)

Of course we strayed from that path out of fear and the ever increasing centralization of political powers. Big Brother knows best, even when he doesn't.

So in walks a renowned Canadian, well, he attempts to drive into America and visit. At the border, an online search brings up an article he wrote years ago about his use of acid. . . oh thirty years ago.

Andrew Feldmar's two children live in America, one in Colorado and another in California, and in so many words after the most ignorant abuse of power at the border you could imagine he was told that he has…

"Remember, you live in this country, too."

In a swift manner three judges from the Washington Appeals Court placed the first attempt to resolve the 'Black Box Voting' complaint back to the drawing board. But the rebuff contained the path to redirect. The case has shifted into what some despise about the legal system, a game of angles and lawyers shifting the definition of points and counterpoints into the game of precedents.

But there IS little doubt that the case will return with the same fury and a new power to resolve the serious problem of election reform. Attorney Randy Gordon was kept from proceeding with the direction he felt was the best angle to open the code to the computer voting systems which are in question.

Please take a minute and review the article here.

Remember, you live in this country too,


Kexp Faces New Challenge

Oh No You Didn't!!!???!!!

Non profit radio stations have always had a special place in the world of music royalties as they as not making a profit off of the tunes they are playing.

Now the royalty rates are going to be raised and the non-profit stations are losing their status, putting them all in a position to have to raise more funds to 'compete' with the big commercial stations, nay to operate regardless of the competition.

Whether you are an artist or not, it makes sense that artists and the music industry have the right to do some collective bargaining for a better piece of the pie (within reason) but at the same time it really should be taken into consideration the fact that non-profit stations like are doing so much for small time artists and the not so well known crowd not to mention the community.

Check it out!

Scott~ -e-mail-

Thanks Kathianne,

I have been on edge lately as a friend has been dealing recently with a stalker, and after the recent shooting at the UW and then the VT shootings we have all been concerned.

Though these events are uncommon they have the power to weigh heavy on our minds if we let them. The beauty is that we have the same amount of power to look at this with insight and enlightenment (more power if we open our hearts?). The power of perception is truly immense and often true north is neglected because it is outside of where we find comfort.

Deep down I know that we drop the ball. We fumble and people get hurt. But we would not be here if nations and generations before us hadn't, after many great hardships, stood up with aches and pains on the rain soaked field and yelled. . . "HIKE!!!".



Life is what you make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 5:39:01 PM
Subject: CSL: Let Us Be Broken Open

Dear Scott

When horrible…

Floater - Apology

cure for cancer will drive young girls into nymphos!!!

Some parents are upset about the possible 'side' effects of new scientific breakthroughs, but this story has to be the most bizarre one that I have come across. It used to be the the crazy folks in Utah that thought their child was the messiah so they would starve him of all food but watermelon (ishmael 4:98 . . . and the divine one shall but eat watermelon and his belly shall be sated with joy. . .).

I wonder about the total lack of trust for your child and at the same time the total lack of confidence in your child rearing abilities. I guess it's true what they say, our kids are not being raised and educated so good not anymore.

Some parents actually think that the way to keep kids from being sexually active (apart from beating them with an ugly stick) is to keep them from a vaccine that will prevent a serious disease. Apparently the dunce cap does not keep people from mating.

How sad a state is it when the only recourse keeping kids from 'unhealthy and early p…

libertarian itunes give away!!!

There is an itunes gift card that will be given away at the LPWACON 07 and I would also like to do a new ipod of some size for the LPWA Convention dinner. And I thought, why not allow others to share in the joy of giving???

This is designed to generate a little extra excitement for the event. Actually the guest speaker is a good enough reason for anyone interested in IRV or ranked choice voting to go and have a nice dinner with politically active folks looking to improve the state of the state. So I add that this is to raise money for the ipod and all extra monies will go into the account to buy outreach materials for our tabling and booth events.

Thanks for the couple bucks and have a great week,


Where I'm From. . .

Salt Lake Tribune - Judge ruling: Polygamous sect leader's trial to stay in S. Utah

In the big little city of SLC that I grew up in I found a lot of great and wondrous things. I also had friends from all walks of life.

Some of the friends I had were from secret polygamist families, so they had 'sister moms'. They kept things secret because the law kept them from living the way they believed was righteous (righteous: living by spiritual law)

Now I live in the big city of Seattle where there is a different type of secret marriage not recognized by the state.

Where in the course of a free society do we get to tell consenting adults how to live?

Deb brought up an interesting point about some of the arguments about 'letting' a man marry a man or a woman marry a woman has been equated to a human marrying a dog. It's true, some of the people we knew in Utah felt that the marriage that Seattle plays host to can be equated to, or at least would lead to the ar…

mapping visits


Children of Men

I just finished the satisfying thriller 'Children of Men'.

It was meaty and hardly boring. It did have some of that British feel to the style which I sometimes adore and sometimes grow tired of. But this film was an effort to show a value in something we oft misplace.

'Children of Men' makes the attempt to show us the value in a simple human life. How it can be a political flag for some and a point of extreme faith for others.

What I found even more interesting was the special almost half hour philosophical diatribe in the special features.

How I would love to sit in a room with these blokes and laugh and nod with what they said.

Their ideals about the problems with globalization and privatization seem to allow sharp and often valid critiques of the two aforementioned programmes but allow no critique of the same errors when done by communist countries.

If I attack globalization stating it disregards human life for the sake of big business, I have to crit…

pro peace, pro war vote record

The Texas Republican I would rather see in office. One I would gladly vote for. -

Ron Paul is a (R) candidate who has considered running for President in 2008. He is serving America currently as a rep in one of the districts from Texas (dist 10?) and his vote is closer to what most Seattle voters seemed to wish for from our reps but hardly got.

His record on some of those key issues is on the link above.

He does not really have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the nod of the Republicans for the office of Pres. But that has never kept me from having some clue about who REPRESENTS the people and who (R)epresents big centralized power.

Go Ron Paul, Go!!!

Amen - (short piece about how we live)

A very well spoken short about life in America!

Bush said what???

I was getting ready to go to work in the U-dist VW shop when the morning news came on telling the horrible tale of what happened. This day has become one of the biggest and ugliest events of our era. And a series of bad choices made by our reps in DC have followed. Giving war powers, removing habeas corpus (not since Lincoln was that done before), pat riot act, homeland security are among the big powerful items future generations will have to unravel to finally live in a harmonious society.

As a neo-libertarian I know that safety and security do not come from sleeping on a bed of knives and guns. Nor does it come from letting yourself be walked over. Our safety and long term prosperity and security comes from open relations with all nations and entangling alliances with none, as that other guy G. guy said. G Washington.


Kooky? Yes! A Little Bit Paranoid? Yes! Accurate Critique? Quite a Bit, Yes!

St. Patricks Day in Seattle


Oh, Lord - Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe - Yahoo! News

Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe - Yahoo! News

A few phrases come to mind, the pot calling the kettle black, takes one to know one, but I digress.

Clinton made the mistake of not fessing up, Gingrich made the mistake of using a personal position of power to rail against a political opponent.

Newt and that famous 'Contract on America', er 'Contract with America' played hard on the right leaning communities of America, but sadly it created the idea that things you dislike could become or remain outlawed and the government was going to solve all our problems.

The ploy brilliantly won seats, but the ever decreasing respect for unalienable rights and the ever increasing federal spending remains a staple of DC's power.

To quote a famous Russian line about big brother Communism, 'First we built it, then we tripped over it'.

Newt built a bigger, more powerful government, and now it is being wielded against u.s. left and right. And I Do mean l…

YouTube - Star Wars Parody

YouTube - Star Wars

Okay, yes, I laughed. . . really hard at this. Really hard.

Afghan, U.S. reports on firefight differ - Yahoo! News

Afghan, U.S. reports on firefight differ - Yahoo! News

No one should be in this position.

Friendly fire, fear and anger are fueling this ugly battle, and this type of story is what spawns insurgents.

Somehow this has to stop, and I pray it is through peaceful measures. We sure have no way of opening diplomatic channels with who we assume to be the enemy.

A Video from Floater (coming in April BTW)

. . . and then there was the Marriageof the Black Sheep

. . . and an old video of Floater~

Foundation Shaken, Not Stirred

Discovery Channel Accused of Attacking Christianity -- 02/27/2007:

"Quoting the New Testament book of 1 Corinthians, Thomasson highlighted the centrality of the resurrection, 'If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.'

If something is true, it does not matter who said it or when. "Love thy neighbour" is either good common sense or tom foolery. Why does the resurrection of Christ alone make these gospel ideals valid?

Note: I am making no comment on the resurrection, only on the validity of most of his teachings in contrast to the plain common sense.

I am just amazed to see such protest over this supposed discovery of a tomb that has the name 'Christ and Mary' and whatnot on it.

Finding some tangible piece of evidence of the historic life of Jesus might give cause for some of the fighting groups of Christians to reconnect over common ground.

I pray it reduces hostility and aggression of those with their …

Patty Murray (D) Washington gets a talking to at a public meeting

kiss kiss


Hey American Car Makers!!!

World Premiere of the Passat BlueMotion in Geneva

Wake up and shift gears.

The technology is out there, the demand is great.

Start making more efficient automobiles and perhaps you won't have to lay off thousands of people and lose thousands of dollars per car sold.

Look through those old patents you bought up and kept off the market.

Hire back those engineers that told you they could make a geekier car and fire the ones that made a sleeker car.

Top Gear Attacked by Rednecks

WOW, how odd that the expression of thoughts can provoke violent response in a country where respect for property and individual rights are supposed to be paramount.

This video combines two of my fav things, politics and car guy stuff.

Arcade Fire ‘Wake Up’

This had the hair on my neck standing up and dancing.



Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS - `07 Needs an Enema Leading think tanks issue suggested changes to a year that truly, "got off one the wrong foot".

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/25/2007 | Spelling ace wants a turn; the school's answer is N-O

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/25/2007 | Spelling ace wants a turn; the school's answer is N-O

Equal opportunity my ass.

The system was created to create an educational forum for Americas children. Some kids have special needs, some have special skills, and even some need little or no interaction with the public schools at all. This last group, though interesting and worthy of discussion, should not be excluded from the public school run system that happens to be the only corridor one can take in some states to get into the national BEE.

The public halls of education should never close their doors to ANYONE!!!

Lest this republic die a slow agonizing death at the hands of a jealous bureaucracy.

It is not just a republic because we pledge allegiance to it in the pledge thereof. The word means something. It means the system of government derives its just powers from the people.

It can not assume a power (rightly anyway) that we as individuals do not have. As such it should no…

Dear God

Local News - Neighbors and Family Outcry Over Latest Police Shooting

81 years old.

didn't take shit from drug dealers.

The dealer that finally did him in turned out to be a cop, who refused to leave the property of one of the pillars of the community. And with a single shot, this pillar was struck down.

I can't believe the news today, wish I could close my eyes and make it go away. > News > Military -- Marine asks to withdraw guilty plea in Hamdaniya case

BSG 3 gag reel. (contains spoilers!!!)

Contains spoilers!!! Enjoy!

New LPWA Office

Here is a sneak peek at the new LPWA office on Lake City. This photo was taken during some of the construction of the new place.

The features of this office include four high speed work stations, a projector and film screen, a meeting space for 20-30 people (more if they are close friends).

Nuke some popcorn, chill some sodas, play some UNO, stuff some envelopes, all in the comfort of the new Office.

Best wishes,


Federal agent penetrated Hells Angels, fears for his life -

Federal agent penetrated Hells Angels, fears for his life -

Perhaps this agent for the ATF should join L.E.A.P.

The way law enforcement has to deal with so much of the peripheral of crime (ie the drug war) and not the root of the problem (ie rape, murder, theft, poor education, harsh economy).

We lose too many good officers to enforce too many ridiculous laws.

Why We Fight

An Only Bird Is An Only Bird - PetStation

An Only Bird Is An Only Bird - PetStation

We have been thinking about getting a second bird to satisfy our birds need for a full time flock. This article sealed the deal.

Chirp chirp,


MyFox WGHP | War of Words Escalates at Guilford College

MyFox WGHP | War of Words Escalates at Guilford College

The headline caught my eye, then I read the article and it was unclear who did what and who started what. Of course, the parents of the football students knew one thing for sure, their kids did not walk away unscathed.

But . . . this seemed odd. Photos of the football player hurt by a Palestinian. A clear statement from the parents of the football players. Upset about the way their kids came out of this racially charged exchange.

Then I thought, where are the comments from the parents of the Palestinian students? DO they have as firm an opinion of what happened at this event as the football parents did?

I thought these football blokes must have had it rough. . .

And then was this in the PI!!!

Two more N.C. football players charged

Is Fox news biased, and if so, in what way???

Thoughts? Surprised? Balanced?


Louise Richardson- "What Terrorists Want"

2006-09-08b-forum.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

This interview contains the perspective I wanted on Sept 12.

Louise Richardson does not offer spin, she simply points out the perspective that others have ignored, or even deemed unpatriotic.

Daring rescue of whale off Farallones / Humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines, diver says

Daring rescue of whale off Farallones / Humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines, diver says

The whale, named 'Lucky' quickly went north to visit family and tell them the amazing story about the heroic rescue, when he was picked up off the coast of Washington and turned into blubber for some ritual of some kind.

I guess the moral of the story is, you win some, you lose some.

Oh, and the whale was not actually caught, that was a sadistic joke.


Moving Horses

Um. . . I think that's a . yep


Put off reading this until tax time: Americans procrastinate -

Put off reading this until tax time: Americans procrastinate -

I meant to publish this earlier, but I was busy.

Trooper killed during traffic stop; 2 later arrested -

Trooper killed during traffic stop; 2 later arrested -

If we did not have this farce of a war on drugs anymore, this trooper (and many others) would be alive today.

There are large numbers of people each year that are affected by the ever failing war on drugs. Either via police action or criminal activity to maintain a large income (and to stay out of jail), this war on our home turf pits man vs man and group vs group.

The real focus of our police should be the protection of individual property rights. Too many crimes go under investigated while the drug crimes are big business, big news, and a big waste.

I suggest a preview of the Bull$h!t -Penn and Teller. They cover the War on Drugs in an adult and uncensored manner. You can find it here

I am not suggesting use of drugs is a good thing, only that the law should protect us from having our property violated, not from some idiots having TOO good a time on their own time.

The most common respo…

interesting blog and music reviews

Happy New Year Liam!!!

Here is Liam at Alki beach for New Year's Eve. We enjoyed some warm drinks and a nice walk along the beach where Liam enjoyed balancing with this beautiful little girl he encountered there. Hope your New Year is Amazing too!!!

Don't point at wierd people

They say you should not point at odd and unusual people. Well I did not point, but I did shoot off a few photos and just had to ask, rhetorically, what would prompt you to wear duct tape, raingear, layers of metal, hankerchiefs, and other forms of non-clothing type material as face and hand coverage?

I do not know the answer, but. . .