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Great short film!

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Open Letter To American Carmakers

Remember a time when a car show was a glimpse into the future?

Innovation was oozing from the best scientists and engineers. Working on making safer, faster, and more appealing vehicles with every generation. But somewhere along the way you got knee deep into the gadget and gizmo phase and you have yet to see beyond that. Cars ceased being prescient and they became only cool.

So for the sake of your future stop using failed business models and minor adjustments to fix your car lines. Stop using planned obsolescence for reliable income after the initial sale of the car. Stop making cars while blindly missing the leaps in technological breakthroughs that would make your cars seem as if they were out of the future again.

A few examples:

- The Rocky Mountain Institutehas discovered a material as strong as the steel you currently use, but that weigh much less automatically providing great savings in fuel costs.
- Gizmaghas regular reports on new engines, fuels, and methods o…

Werewolf times Fairy Equals. . . .

This timestable for comic archetypes is Hilarious!!!