Debating Debate Policy for PC TV You See?!!?

The Seattle Times have taken to the subject of the political debates.

The subject of the Guthrie campaign came up(remember the candidate in the debates last year that actually opposed the war in Iraq, supported marriage equality, and not slamming the next twenty generations with a mountain of debt?).

A small number of people are complaining that Bruce Guthrie actually wasted valuable airtime. Um, how many countless hours and reams of paper were dedicated to the nothingness that was the Cantwell/Mcgavick race before Bruce turned up the heat?

I paid close attention to the fact that most of the pulp of these articles pre-Bruce were focused on how much money each candidate had in their campaign chest.

I'm sorry, THAT type of mass media is a waste of our time, not the inclusion of the dissenting voices.

So here is the link again, I have added my comment into the post.


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