Oh, Lord - Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe - Yahoo! News

Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe - Yahoo! News

A few phrases come to mind, the pot calling the kettle black, takes one to know one, but I digress.

Clinton made the mistake of not fessing up, Gingrich made the mistake of using a personal position of power to rail against a political opponent.

Newt and that famous 'Contract on America', er 'Contract with America' played hard on the right leaning communities of America, but sadly it created the idea that things you dislike could become or remain outlawed and the government was going to solve all our problems.

The ploy brilliantly won seats, but the ever decreasing respect for unalienable rights and the ever increasing federal spending remains a staple of DC's power.

To quote a famous Russian line about big brother Communism, 'First we built it, then we tripped over it'.

Newt built a bigger, more powerful government, and now it is being wielded against u.s. left and right. And I Do mean left and right.

Please folks, let's use better judgment in the future when it comes to dealing with politicians.

This brings to mind the Rush Limpbaugh thing. His endless ranting about how evil drug users and dealers are, but when he gets busted for it THERE IS A PERFECTLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR WHAT HE IS DOING!!! Right??? Wing???

Oh yeah, Newt is a potential candidate for President of the United States in 2008.

I can hardly wait.



shellswick said…
Oh god no.

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