Trooper killed during traffic stop; 2 later arrested -

Trooper killed during traffic stop; 2 later arrested -

If we did not have this farce of a war on drugs anymore, this trooper (and many others) would be alive today.

There are large numbers of people each year that are affected by the ever failing war on drugs. Either via police action or criminal activity to maintain a large income (and to stay out of jail), this war on our home turf pits man vs man and group vs group.

The real focus of our police should be the protection of individual property rights. Too many crimes go under investigated while the drug crimes are big business, big news, and a big waste.

I suggest a preview of the Bull$h!t -Penn and Teller. They cover the War on Drugs in an adult and uncensored manner. You can find it here

I am not suggesting use of drugs is a good thing, only that the law should protect us from having our property violated, not from some idiots having TOO good a time on their own time.

The most common response to that line is that, 'people on drugs go out and commit crimes!'

To which I respond, 'Then arrest them for the crimes of violating someone else. But if the black market cost of drugs were gone, the druggies would not have bankrolls to go out, armed and dangerous.'

I am not alone on this either. Besides libertarian leaning groups across the world, there is a growing number of police, corrections officers and others directly in the line of fire that disagree with the war on drugs. Such as

Life is what you make it, lets 's stop complicating it with senseless laws and wars that continually fail to meet the goals set out by the intent of the law.

Peace on Earth,



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