Foundation Shaken, Not Stirred

Discovery Channel Accused of Attacking Christianity -- 02/27/2007:

"Quoting the New Testament book of 1 Corinthians, Thomasson highlighted the centrality of the resurrection, 'If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.'

If something is true, it does not matter who said it or when. "Love thy neighbour" is either good common sense or tom foolery. Why does the resurrection of Christ alone make these gospel ideals valid?

Note: I am making no comment on the resurrection, only on the validity of most of his teachings in contrast to the plain common sense.

I am just amazed to see such protest over this supposed discovery of a tomb that has the name 'Christ and Mary' and whatnot on it.

Finding some tangible piece of evidence of the historic life of Jesus might give cause for some of the fighting groups of Christians to reconnect over common ground.

I pray it reduces hostility and aggression of those with their fingers on triggers. I pray and I doubt it.


Anonymous said…
"Love thy neighbor" is not in question - nor is it the central theme of Christianity.

Contrary to modern American "feel-good" faith, the central tenant of Christianity is OBEDIENCE. According to the New Testament, and the Old for that matter, one can only find salvation after complete and total submission to the will of God. In the NT, one accomplishes this only "dying to oneself" and accepting the indwelling of the Holy Spirit -- we're talking voluntary possession.

Of course, I don't go in for any of it. I do think it's important, however, for professed believers to become more educated about the doctrine they supposedly live by (and kill for).
Scott said…
Yeah, in fact I am not even advocating for or against the 'love thy neighbour' idea, rather suggesting that an ethical proposal has merit regardless of the dramatic story surrounding the purported origin.

Respecting your self and your community (which means very different things to different people) by treating all those you come in contact with honestly and with respect for their rights is a common moral idea. It has its own weight in creating a pleasant and prosperous community and therefore has a value. If it were a theme of Jesus of Nazareth's doctrine it does not matter if it was spoken by a risen Christ or a buried and turned to clay Christ. It holds the same merit regardless.

The scriptures can hardly be relied on as containing the fullness of Christ's gospel as they have been hijacked by personal and institutional agendas.

In Tibet there was claim to original manuscripts from the teachings of Jesus that taught:

Vegetarianism, negation of animal sacrifice or cruelty to animals, karma, reincarnation- immortality of the soul, love of neighbor as self, and the mission to share the One Lord Creator to the nations. Christ also taught of God the Father and his feminine counterpart Mother God.

So with many different accounts of what was really said and what were instead the distorting prose of power thirsty egomaniacs hellbent on designing the church in their image we can only use common sense and logic to separate the wheat from the shaft.

Also, each church seemed to carve its own niche in the faith drain across the globe. People started believing in the church leaders instead of in themselves. The idea of obedience and self sacrifice was clearly one of the parts of Christ's teachings as he is claimed to have sacrificed himself for us. Sadly the idea of obedience in modern Christianity has distorted the idea of obedience as badly as the neo-conservatives think they are stewards of the land by driving SUV's and drilling every drop of oil and polluting everywhere those namby pamby tree huggers ain't lookin'!

A far better word would be alignment. If you read and practice Ayn Randian morals and ethics then you are obedient to her message. Does this mean she is your God and you are sacrificing yourself? No, you are making a value call in your life and aligning with a moral code that reflects such.

If we could presume that Jesus drew a line in the sand and said his followers would stand on this side, then surely his followers would eventually master the guilt trip push across the line.

Of course, over the ages the line keeps shifting, but that is another story.

So they found the tomb of Christ?!?

To quote Metallica, 'Obey Your Master',

Scott said…
I was listening to the CATO Institute Event Podcast and the idea was touched on again. Of course this was from a political perspective of do not look to discredit the messenger but rather look at the message and its standalone merits.

Thank Cato!


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