Children of Men

I just finished the satisfying thriller 'Children of Men'.

It was meaty and hardly boring. It did have some of that British feel to the style which I sometimes adore and sometimes grow tired of. But this film was an effort to show a value in something we oft misplace.

'Children of Men' makes the attempt to show us the value in a simple human life. How it can be a political flag for some and a point of extreme faith for others.

What I found even more interesting was the special almost half hour philosophical diatribe in the special features.

How I would love to sit in a room with these blokes and laugh and nod with what they said.

Their ideals about the problems with globalization and privatization seem to allow sharp and often valid critiques of the two aforementioned programmes but allow no critique of the same errors when done by communist countries.

If I attack globalization stating it disregards human life for the sake of big business, I have to critique the potential and often real disregard for rights under nationalism. I see that each human on this Earth has the same rights to me. No land or system grants or removes or truly grants them, though some systems are designed to keep you in line by the perception of just that.

The only time rights can be justly abandoned or suspended is when a criminal must rightly be removed from society till rehabilitated or retired. Apart from that you are free to release all of your personal rights to whatever system you approve and at the same time you are not free to release any of my rights to any system under the sun.

So long as our actions do not violate each other we are free to act. Communities are built on individuals finding value in life and free interaction. International communities should be built on the same idea of free interaction that is coupled with responsibility. A major car manufacturer should not be allowed to go to another country (thanks NAFTA) and pollute the land in a way that is illegal here, and then sell that car here. It wold be like stealing resources from another land and selling them here. People should be as free as trade to travel and produce goods and services in whatever land they may find themselves. So long as they obey the law of the land they inhabit their travel and time of stay must be determined by them alone.

Yes, I do agree that immigration should be controlled and through the front door, not a hole in the border, but this control must only extend to the point of keeping criminals and those with highly infectious disease from spreading into our communities.

So long as you are willing to pay your taxes and live within the law, you should be free to come here to America and live happily ever after. Perhaps if we were not squandering the resources of other nations so freely and instead were building on the best of our ideas in other nations more people would have the idea to stay at home and prosper there.

AAAAaaaaah philosophy. Like winning the lotto.


shellswick said…
I do all those things...can my paperwork be done now please?
Scott said…
I told you, diseased murderers must wait their turn, or have a contract with the pentagon to come to America!!!

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