I made it to Time Magazine

It all happened so fast. I was in my study and I came across a banner from CNN stating that they were looking for submissions for the debates. So I, holding my parrot on my shoulder, and using a Kodak LS753 camera I whipped out a question I had always sought to ask a major political figure. I then thought for a moment about how could I make my video stand out. Then it came to me. Spin the background around whilst staying calm in the center. So I did it in one take. Little did I know I would be recognized in time magazine for my efforts.

Being number seven of the CNN/Time magazine ten weirdest does not make me fell bad at all. I am not sure if they are rated in order from bad to good or from weirder to weirdest, but nonetheless I found a nice, middle of the road weirdocity of which I can be quite comfortable.

One last note, the comment from the Time/CNN writer asks if my video is 'creative? Or just nauseating?' Might I add that the reason I asked such a question is that most Americans find the debates with only the two party candidates to be nauseating. But I digress.

Here is the Time Magazine/CNN Ten Weirdest You Tube Debate Questions - Number seven of ten.




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