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happy meal

Unfolding Limbs

My love blossoms each year in the spring
the farmer man never hesitates
to pick up his cleaver
and chop it down

my eyes ache from the winter slumber
as the sun peaks around the bend in the earth
Eye see things that eye never knew would come

some return to warm my heart
some new to the emerging light

each a moment burned into eternity
each a delight

but each morning the farmer
picks up his tools and shapes
the crops again

Eye look to the east and see flags wave and pearls creating

fists raised this year again, and people put into their place
into the ground, into the the machine, into the sky

No one gets away with anything
but whole nations act as though they will

they won't, don't worry love, they won't

In the end, the truth be told, the truth be told.


Scott Lindsley
Cw - April 23-05

What difference does a number make?

'Conservatives want to just make all the money they can and don't care about sustainable economic and environmental impact they have on others! Capitalists don't do any long term planning. They've mastered mid-lenght planning, but they miss the long term and THAT is what the government is supposed to be doing!'

Comment from a shuttle passenger today.



This guy has clearly a devout faith in every political action and no confidence for the future when the capitalists are at the helm.

Before I go on, I must clarify, I am not about to throw out a post defending capitalism. I am addressing the common man (as I meet him) and the points of view that bring this man to believe in political action and not in any other option. Which also explains what makes his hand vote (R) or (D).

Well, I don't know what radio stations he limits his ears to, or which newspapers he won't read. But as you can not prove a negat…

Free Bee?

How many of the things in your life, that have value, did you have to work for?

How many things were given to you because you are a respected member of a family, or a dearly loved one?

How many precious things would you give away out of love or respect?

What about your time?

Is that precious?

How often can you take ten minutes out of your day to talk to a friend? Study something OTHER than the daily news? Speak to someone about a good philosophy or politic?

Are there too many questions in this post?