. . . and then we created the museum. . .

. . . and we see that it is good.

There is now, created in existence, a museum dedicated to the bible rendition of Creationism. The 'Creation Museum' is supposed to be a place for people to learn about the short 6,000 year history of the Planet Earth including when the dinosaurs loaded up on the Noah's Ark and chilled for almost two months in harmony with the other creatures. Perhaps this is where the unicorn met its final end (story for another museum someday: Creatures that went extinct on the ark).

This place is a $27 million dollar attempt at spreading the gospel truth about the age and miracle that is the planet Earth. Millions more, I am sure, will be spent by people trekking to this joint to teach their children.

I have to disagree with the banner they opted to use on the web site to entice people to come and pay money to go to this museum. It boldly forewarns, "Prepare to Believe."

Do I have to point out that %99 percent of the people that would pay money to come through your door already do.

The other possibility is that this place gets enough attention and serves really good food and so people who disagree will come to get a good laugh or to see another type of oddity. Namely the folks wandering around outside the ropes.

This also introduces a high point on what could be described as Creationist Existentialism which would need not much more introduction than the ones already given to each type of viewpoint.

Essentially it is the belief that because a large number of people believe something and because ti is written in a book, that it must then be true.

My response to all this may sound as though it springs from an agnostic well of thought, but it is quite how I have felt firmly since departing way with the predominant religion of my youth.

Whatever God, higher power, mystical beings that are out there in the universe or very deep within our very beings (respecting both potential viewpoints) are not bloody well subject to our whims. Whatever design or spiritual makeup that may be the higher power is not up there awaiting orders from us to reorder itself into whichever opinion held by man to be most popular.

If there is a God, he or she is not waiting around for your consent or approval to be.

If there is a higher power, it works in the channels it has likely worked since time began, if time bloody exists at all.

If there is change in the higher power it is likely more subject to whichever spiritual DNA it is made of than it is subject to our ramblings, prayers, and violent arguments.

So rather than waste $30 million on a Creation Museum, why not build a park, or sponsor little league teams across the nation, or spend it on literacy campaigns, OR do what some other guy in the King James Bible said to do, Give it away.


shellswick said…
I think god wants these people to have billions of dollars...despite the fact that the bible and all the prophets say otherwise...

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