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OK Rob!!!

ABC News: Robertson Says He Leg-Pressed 2,000 Pounds

In a time when men of the cloth have sincere image problems, Pat has found a new measure of strength.

Of course it comes down a mix of the high school level of jockdom (How much do you bench?") mixed with the high school level of fabrication ("I made out with the prom queen") type story.

But I guess anything is possible for someone who drinks a special milk shake.

Pat. . . Hmm. . . what a man.

I see he wears adidas? I guess he can't be all that bad.

Wait, what am I saying.

He can't be a man cuz he doesn't smoke, the same cigarettes as me!

I can't get no Pat Robertson,

off TV.

Now tell me what I say.

Does time exist?

Anyone that questions whether or not time exists should come down to 5th and Spring and wait for their bus to come. Time springs eternal when your bus is twenty minutes late.



I have added more artwerk for Liam's Blog. He will be five on May 27th 2006!!!



We are not prego.

And Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!

Sheeesh. I refer to my comments in the section three posts down.

Oh my God, I'm a Libertarain

It is getting very hard to watch the news and not see some issue that could have been avoided by a better system of protection in place.

The problem is we are takng the route of more congestion and complication in the stead of a simpler and historically more productive system.

I hope at the least we can talk about the ideas that are shaping our political climate more than we are because 'more of the same' will do us in.

Okay, so here is the invite. Online or in person. . let's chat.

The title. . . for some reason this title came to me in a dream.

Perhaps the fact I want the government to be socially tolerant and fiscally responsible is enough, but I think there is a little more.

More to come. . . .

Neil Young - Living With War

Neil Young - Living With War

Listen to the album online.