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Guest for Saturday 7/23 on KTKk A.M 630

You can listen streaming on the website 5-6 p.m. MST on

Today I will be interviewing Doug Noll on his recent work titled "Elusive Peace". This addresses how two sides of a conflict can resolve their differences through. .. wait, I can't give it away just yet. Listen to the show.

Then my second guest will be Thaddeus Russell, author of "A Renegade History of the United States"

Special Guest on KTKK, Penny Wright.

Today I am interviewing Penny Wright whose book, "No Use for a Name" is for sale on Amazon and a few other online web sites. We will be talking about her writing and her choice of taking her book to the online world of Amazon Kindle.

Thanks for listening.

Oh, speaking of which, you can stream the show live on


Amazing day, huh?