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A gallery of walls with stuff written on

A gallery of walls with stuff written on

Another brilliant and funny works of graffarti.

Just a few outtakes -

'Beware of Dog
he is very sarcastic


God is coming. . .
And he's bringing donuts;-}


'it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.'


Fight apathy or don't


We must resist, not as an act of deperation, but as a first act of creation.


I suggest a browse.

Another crafty graphic artist

Banksy - Outdoors

This man has a knack for the wall.

One of my fav tag lines is - "it is now safe to turn off your government"



Oh superman, where are you now?

And whose side are you on anyway?
Would you smash up Palestine or bust all the rockets in Israel?

Would you stand beside the 'man' and protect him from decay, or would you stick it to the man and say no sir not here today (I read some Dr. Suess the other night).

Bruce Guthrie for US Senate

Bruce Guthrie for US Senate

I double dog dare you to review my friends site and then (gasp) endorse his campaign!!!

You don't have to vote for him, but you can give him lots of money.

John J. Miller on Music on National Review Online

John J. Miller on Music on National Review Online

I have read a few opinions about this article, and it is odd how both sides are claiming art for their political ideals. I liken it to wrapping yourself in the flag and then behind the stars and stripes flipping off, no screwing the nation.

By 'both sides' I mean the two major political party type.

I would love to claim most of these songs as ringing true to the libertarian point of view than either dem or repub (leave me be, keep your laws off my body, and gripes about bad leadership etc.). But I would also like to claim the Mona Lisa and two of the terracotta pedestal krater's in the Louvre.

Neither party has ended the war on drugs (and medical freedom), the war on Iraq and it's axis of eeevil, the failed wars on poverty, education, etc.. Both sides have been at the helm for the ever encroaching violation of human rights at home AND for the ever increasing size of the already bloated, fiscally irresponsible, largest pollu…

Art of Toys

Tara and I were checking out Miyazaki films on Ebay and I came across this amazing site.

This artist builds things out of things and stuff and junk and it is truly one mans art.

Legal Music Downloads: Jack Endino's Weed Cafe

Legal Music Downloads: Jack Endino's Weed Cafe

A site for music that helps the artist quite a bit. Check it out and listen to some of your fav music for free.


Krist Novoselic, Jack Endino and ME!!!

What a pleasure to chat with two of the biggest names in the Seattle world of music. Saturday and Sunday I got to chat with these two about the state of the state.

The LP National Convention

A few things to report over last weekend:

- We went down to Portland, Ore. for the National Convention.

- I met Krist and Jack* at the Porto Terra Pub

- I hung with Michael Badnarik and his crew quite a bit.

- We attempted to improve the National Libertarian Party to streamline the way it reaches out politically.

- I met hundreds of hardcore Libertarians. It was anarchy (and at times boring and tedious). Actually it was really well organized and pleasant.

- I realized the Libertarian Party flirts with brilliance and at the same time suffers some ailments any large body does, different views on the best way to succeed and proceed.

- I learned to have a new respect for those people who ponder ways to improve the system. After all we are promoting frickin LIBERTY. Who ever thought it would be so hard to sell 'Liberty' in America???. I have always said it is hard because we are promoting something people think they already have. And to a large extent (surely by comparison to…