A dangerous decision ~ WOMAD

The BBC reports that the United States is causing quite a stir by seeking to put Nukes in Europe.

The motivation behind the expanded missile defense include wanting to have a better response notification time when and if Russia, Iran, or any other government makes a move towards attacking the United States.

Here lies the problem.

We have been trouncing around this planet (we meaning the Americans) demanding, sanctioning, forcing others to cease and desist all expansion of nuclear exploration, research, purchasing of supplies. Whether it be argued right or wrong that we are somehow gifted with power over other sovereign nations it seems like approaching the middle east with the same stare you down machismo that won us the cold war might backfire in the middle east.

In the middle east there are segments of the population that would not hesitate to push the button. That would not hesitate to say to us with actions, "I'll see you in heaven or hell."

The cold war was intense because we knew that the Russians had plenty of nukes. As such the standoff was long and drawn out. Like sailors after a brawl we eventually warmed to each other and became long distance friends and business partners.

In this new page of the nuclear age we have a more complex dilemma. In Iran and other Islamic nations the desire to improve ones nation with nuclear energy is just as great as the desire to do the same here in America. But there also lies within some of these countries the absence of fear of death that i thnk the Russians shared with we Americans. So this epidemic of Mutually Assured Destruction (a.k.a. MAD) has expanded to include a defense system which includes a search for the unknown. A search for and a defense against WOMAD's. Weapons of Mutually Assured Destruction.

If we attempt to play the same cold war stare with our Islamic brand of brothers we may one day find a man behind the trigger who is not afraid to call our bluff.

We owe it to ourselves, our nation and our world to reconsider the manner in which we respond to nations that do not tightly align with our view of the planet.

We must learn to respect the rights of others to be different and stop thinking we can bomblast our way into the remaining hearts of the people of a war torn nation.

We are Assured Mutual Destruction if the only way we resolve issues ws with a clenched fist. Or, to out it more traditionally, live by the sword, die by the sword.

I've always wanted to live by the liberty.

How about you?



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