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Funny Obnoxious Kid

'Once' There was this film, who. . . .

Thanks, Joan, for suggesting that I rent the movie 'Once'.

From the opening scene with guitar and heartfelt singing I was hooked.

This stunning tale is about a songwriter, (played by Glen Hansard, of the Frames) busker making tips on the Dublin Streets, when along comes an admiring pedestrian (Markéta Irglová) who also happens to play a sweet piano. They interact, sometimes heading right for each other and sometimes heading off to their futures which lay deeply entangled with their past.

It is not your typical relationship as they not only avoid hooking up but they succeed in making the best of the gifts they have. I found myself mirrored in a skeptical music board operator who went into the show not knowing what to expect then by the end of it all willing to offer any ounce of support that could be mustered.

The casting was simple, the music was delightful, and the plot unfolds like a comfortable book.

Here is a smidge of the on screen magic:

I will buy this movi…

Something fishy here. . . Wonder Woman!!!

This article claims that Linda Carter found a body in the water where she was riding around in a boat.

Read it and tell me if you find the part of the story that is, well let's just say the part that is hard to believe.

Here is the article: Wonder Woman Finds Body

Huh. . . . did you see it???

The article claims Linda carter was ALONE in a boat!!!

Look at her, that is IMPOSSIBLE. She is too rockin to have been out alone in a boat.

There is some deeper plot here and I will have a crack investigative team dig into that when we have enough funding. This will be the second investigation because of course, I vowed to discover which band of ninjas killed Pat Morita

Hi, I'm an idiot!!!

Man finds ancient money from relative and instead of getting what it is worth he gives it to the government for face value. Those bills could have been worth quite a lot and the story too.

Money Story Here!!!

Next time you find money from almost eighty years ago, maybe ask around a little to see if it is worth more than the face value!

Now for some FUN!!! Ready???

OK GO!!!