Welcome in America, well, not really. Trippin at the Canadian Border

Acid Free America?

War on Drugs meets War on Terror.

Innocent till proven guilty. No Self incrimination. Ex-post facto.

There is a litany of ideals that used to define American values. At one point there was the idea that if we embraced these values that Liberty would spread to all the nations we dealt with. ('Open relationships with all nations and entangling alliances with none' was part of that idea)

Of course we strayed from that path out of fear and the ever increasing centralization of political powers. Big Brother knows best, even when he doesn't.

So in walks a renowned Canadian, well, he attempts to drive into America and visit. At the border, an online search brings up an article he wrote years ago about his use of acid. . . oh thirty years ago.

Andrew Feldmar's two children live in America, one in Colorado and another in California, and in so many words after the most ignorant abuse of power at the border you could imagine he was told that he has been banned from entering America for his very distant past of drug use.

You may have personal distaste for the use of drugs. You may even think that they can corrupt the youth and endanger the very fabric of society. But what colour thread are we weaving when we keep a family apart? What are the missing elements when the melting pot excludes in such an unforgiving manner?

Dad? Friend? Teacher? Writer?

This one exclusion diminishes the nation.

This one attempt to make and example of a man has revealed a domineering side to the American political climate that we find so easy to forcibly ignore.

Outside a wall built by our ignorance/denial now he must wait for his children to come visit him.

I pray they confess nothing to the internet, lest they reveal something distasteful enough to keep them from visiting dear old dad, or should I say coming home when done trippin in Vancouver, or admitting to tripping decades ago. Maybe they can meet at the border and smoke pot on either side of the wall.

Sounds like a party only D.C. could construct.

I say, deconstruct this power grid. Refocus law enforcement to protection of peoples property, not protection of peoples fears.


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