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November of our Discontent- The blog doesn't lie

We, living in north America, just went through a very rough month. Parties (political, not the fun ones) were leaned on hard by people with the hope of winning against the opposition.

I leaned on the LP as I see them as working to downsize the wasteful abusive side of the government. WHile working to protect the rights of all and with special interest for none.

I heard many comments about the Libertarians -

"You're just republicans dressed up like hippies!"

"Your guy won't win, why waste your vote?" (I would not dishonour choices so quickly, AND If winning is the only way to not waste your vote then was a vote for Kerry 'wasted' by that same standard of winner vs loser)

"Libertarians are liberals that want drugs and hookers everywhere." (Um. . yeah. . party!!!)

"You should not be in the debates cuz Nader will have to be there too and he will steal votes from Kerry!"


But I smile thinking back …
Libertarians of Seattle working hard for the party.
From my radio days.

Liberty Dollar

Liberty Dollar

This is a site for an active currency that is spreading around. I have not seen a Liberty Dollar yet, but I know that I would accept them from anyone. It's a current use of a silver/gold standard as currency.

I heard about it on the archived debate between the Libertarian and Green party debates {The ones Bush and Kerry refused to join in}.

Good reading,
Scott Lindsley

War in Eden

Whether or not people are good or evil by nature, we live amongst other people. So two points here, If people are naturally good, we don't need a giant system to monitor our every move. If they are bad, then how can we trust a group of them with great power? ie govt. or corporation.

I am saying that whether it is the govt. or corporations doing something, what REALLY matters is the ethics and end result. If you have to oppress someone to achieve a goal, perhaps a review of your act is in order. Corporations should not be able to act as individuals, and politicians should not be able to violate and control whole segments of the population. Not matter how unpopular their group may be. No matter what the vote is (ie gay marriage).

If you have to cheat your workers to make a huge buck while they swim from check to check, you really suck. [It's a political term, you wouldn't understand]

Same goes for the political process. To exclude people from the debates in an ele…

Results are in!!!

A modern politician will always tell you what you want to hear. And when it serves their reelection interest they give you what you want. When it serves a 'democratic' activity but might reflect poorly on them, they usually leave it alone and let people suffer.

I'm not cynical.

The rate of increase in the American political government is not healthy. And should be likened to philosophical obesity. To condemn individuals who are greedy, but then give a blank check to the govt. to do as it pleases does not make sense.

It takes dollars, trillions of them.

It is time to stop charging the American populace with every new idea a repub or dem comes up with. It appears to limit choice every time.

In a free country.

Don't go back to sleep. There is work to be done. Not a lot of work, just a little homework and a little activism by each if us.