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Chip In for Students~

I am working with this organization to get newspapers into schools here in Washington. Please consider dropping a few bills here into the chipin!!!

"Newspapers In Education (NIE) provides complimentary newspapers and in-newspaper curricula to students and educators every day of the school year throughout the greater Northwest. Through a special four-page section, WCOG will partner with NIE to provide teaching materials and information to high school students about open government and its importance for our citizens and future voters.

Washington Coalition for Open Government"

Dramatic Chipmunk

Star Wars Geeks Like Me Must Triumph!!!

As a total Star Wars Geek I still got a kick out of this video poking fun at we Star Wars Geeks!

Can I Just Say. . .

I just adore the way Ron Paul is smacking down the Neo-Con Republicans when he is actually allowed into the debates. Take a moment to see how he puts some of their childish antics to shame. There are also some great interviews from Bill Moyers and others at the link below.

Some of the best clips from this are here: