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Thanks Kathianne,

I have been on edge lately as a friend has been dealing recently with a stalker, and after the recent shooting at the UW and then the VT shootings we have all been concerned.

Though these events are uncommon they have the power to weigh heavy on our minds if we let them. The beauty is that we have the same amount of power to look at this with insight and enlightenment (more power if we open our hearts?). The power of perception is truly immense and often true north is neglected because it is outside of where we find comfort.

Deep down I know that we drop the ball. We fumble and people get hurt. But we would not be here if nations and generations before us hadn't, after many great hardships, stood up with aches and pains on the rain soaked field and yelled. . . "HIKE!!!".



Life is what you make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 5:39:01 PM
Subject: CSL: Let Us Be Broken Open

Dear Scott

When horrible tragedies happen such as the recent shooting at Virginia Tech. we can all feel the blow of disbelief, shock and outrage. These feelings can be followed by anger, pain, or deep sadness. These are all very normal reactions for what can seem like a world gone wild. My spiritual practice at this moment is to feel all the feelings and let those feelings fill me up to the place of overflow. I want my heart to break-to break open.

My wonderful Hindu friend, Bo Lozoff said, "Grief is only love with a bad reputation." I believe that the anger and sadness I feel when confronted with human beings seeming inhumanity is my huge disappointment in us as a species. I grieve because I know we are capable of such love and greatness. If we are all on the same team, our team just fumbled the ball.

Here's where the turning point is for me - I have to realize that the anger, sadness, and grief are the shadow side of the great Love I have for all human beings. As I acknowledge that I can embrace my feelings, I trust that Love will soon evidence itself. My Prayer becomes, "God open my heart wide open so the Power of Love can flow through me."

I share these thought with you because we aren't a church that tries to tell anyone what to think or how to act or who we can pin blame upon. (Ernest Holmes said, "We don't tell people what to think but how to think.") I hope by sharing my personal process that you may find a way and means to touch the deep reservoir of love and understanding within yourself and that you let love flow out from you to your family, friends and the people so tragically effected by this incident.

To have your heart broken open for love is a Glorious thing.

Blessings to you!

Dr. Rev. Kathianne Lewis
Senior Minister

Center for Spiritual Living
5801 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
206-527-8801, ext 219


Anonymous said…
Kathianne says this perfectly! I love it!

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