Wanted: 2+ Bedroom for less than my soul

Married couple seeks two plus bedroom for family.

We need a washer and dryer for the baby girls clothes and for the young boys swim trunks and the daily wear of the two adults who goto work and school in Seattle.

We will need a dishwasher though we can do without if the price is right.

We would appreciate a close proximity to our sons school on Aurora and his mothers college in the Northgate Community.

I will gladly bus to work to let the miss's the one using the parking spot. Unless you do not have one, then she gets the street spot. Unless you don't have one, then she gets to hoof it down the street, she likes to run anayway, but with the baby on her shoulder it might be tricky, but don't you worry about that.

Oh, I know everything is being turned into condos and you might have the desire to raise the price to catch all that extra money floating around. . . but please don't.

I mean really. Which do you need more? A renting family that will stay and care for the place they dwell in for the next three to four years, or another highly transient, in and out renter that finds out two moths in they can't afford to pay for your fifth BMW and they have to go back and live in Montana with mom and dad till they get over the failed Seattle journey.

I know that it might sound like an old idea, but the roots of a community are in the homes and the families that get to know each other over the years. This is almost impossible to do when you have to constantly look for a new home.

Now we are losing that to make an extra profit out of our land. Sorry, I mean YOUR land. Owning a home for the average working class is becoming more of a nightmare than a dream. And it's hard to keep sleeping through this crisis even though many of you seem to sleep pretty well with the cash I worked hard for last month lining your pool.

Optional, but nice to have:

local shops
a grandma or two for wisdom
a handyman to help me when I need to replace the toilet
a bunch of kids nearby to play with my boy on some kind of team
a few new babies to goo goo gaa gee snarfle with my little girl
a few mature humans to share in intellectual conversation about the world we live in

I have gone way too far.

Please forgive my wishing for something that will never happen till the dollar collapses.

Curse you for making me wish for that.

Who thinks that it makes sense for every adult in the house to have to work full time in order to have a house?

I take it all back, anything bad I said or thought about you.


shellswick said…
I am so very sorry. I am looking for youse guys too.

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