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My letter to the editor was recently published in the 'King County Journal'.

It is about social security. I might add that I am not a fan of the Bush plan to 'handle' social security. There are better ways to fix this than the way he seems to be going. Borrowing a trillion dollars to shore up the system is NOT the answer.

Bush seems to think the answer to any problem is to just ask for more money. Sad thing is, he has a group of our 'representatives' that keep handing him the credit card. It is, of course, an unlimited platinum card because it is sooo easy to just tax us more to pay for whatever whims they have this term. (I say it is easy because so many keep getting re-elected, no matter what amount of your money they spend)

Here is the letter,

To put it into context, I was responding to someone who said the influences currently working against the social security system are among other bad imports like Communism.



How great is it that These Blogs are designed to be surfed?

Follow these instructions and you will have soo much fun.

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Most do, at this point. Then. . . drum roll. . . .


You will find yourself on a newly updated blog.

Skim through and see if there is anything of interest. If so, comment on it, share it with close personal loved ones, or link it to your blog (If you have one).

Then, when you have explored this new blog till you can take no more. . .

Click the [next blog] button on the NEW blog. and ZING, you are on your way to the next blog on the list.

This is great fun and allows you to see what others are doing with their blogs across the globe.

--- just note, if there is no [next blog] button at the top, click (back) to the last blog you were at, then hit [next blog] again and a new blog should have already been loaded in the chamber for you.

Have fun blogsurfi…

End of the War as we know it. . .

And how do you feel?

I wonder, if Iraq held an impromptu election and asked the American troops to leave, would Bush honour that democratic 'mandate'?

I would hope so. . .

But wait a minute, if we Americans voted on bringing the boys (and girls) home would he honour that democratic voice?

Who knows, I DO know that last election, there were very few presidential candidates that actually wanted to bring the troops home asap.

But they did not get much time on the media coverage network.

Better luck next time,




Terry strikes again. This time he is in Canada!!! sent me this way and I suggest a browse.



We have the science to have energy for practically nothing.
We have the science to make cars that get around 60-70 MPG, or better yet use no petrolium.
We have the science to cleanly produce many of the products we consume today.
We have the science to improve insulation in homes and business structures.

Just as I am a firm believer in a hands off economic policy for our government does NOT mean I want everything to be in the hands of profit marginalized corporations.

I want the almost free energy to be almost free. Not spendy, just because the market will bear it. Don't confuse my Libertarian philosophy with the current conservative bent that takes every cent from every angle that it can.

I am for free markets.

I am for keeping the cost of products down. (just not by law)

I, am for the little guy. . . vote for me!!!

Rural Liberty

"Tragedy is the price of freedom in the commons... In other words,
in a crowded world survival requires that some freedom be given up."

-Garrett Hardin

Given up or taken up?-

Unfortunately our politicians have not been known to show good judgment when it comes to which freedoms should be 'given' up in order to improve things.

Bush is fine with phone taps, random search and seizure, holding prisoners without council for. . . um. . . ever. (Hey Bush, you gonna tell the families of those you still hold that you have them?)

If there were a scientific proof that sacrificing something would improve society, or more importantly be crucial for survival, then I think you'd be hard pressed to find those who would NOT sacrifice any reasonable amount of activity.

I do think considering it sacrificing 'freedom' may be a stretch.

If something belongs to me, and by sacrificing it society would improve, should it not be up to me to make s…

Discourse and Dissent

The election year has passed, the debates all but forgotten.

All said the alternative party candidates and supporters received a small single digit percentage of the news coverage (I guess they were just not exciting enough) and they were excluded from the debates. (unless you want to do the search on and watch the debates that invited all the candidates)

So what was this message/idea they felt so strongly about that kept them from smugly voting for a democrat or republican?

Perhaps the idea that the current gigantic (dare we say Titanic) system we have succeeds in being the largest in all it does. By largest I do not mean best.

It is the largest polluter on the Earth, and yet it is charged with the task of preventing pollution.

Some claim it is guilty of violating countless individual rights, from who you may marry and what you do with other consenting adults to taking roughly a third of your income to fund it's bloating self.

I no longer am content to vote for the two…