cure for cancer will drive young girls into nymphos!!!

Some parents are upset about the possible 'side' effects of new scientific breakthroughs, but this story has to be the most bizarre one that I have come across. It used to be the the crazy folks in Utah that thought their child was the messiah so they would starve him of all food but watermelon (ishmael 4:98 . . . and the divine one shall but eat watermelon and his belly shall be sated with joy. . .).

I wonder about the total lack of trust for your child and at the same time the total lack of confidence in your child rearing abilities. I guess it's true what they say, our kids are not being raised and educated so good not anymore.

Some parents actually think that the way to keep kids from being sexually active (apart from beating them with an ugly stick) is to keep them from a vaccine that will prevent a serious disease. Apparently the dunce cap does not keep people from mating.

How sad a state is it when the only recourse keeping kids from 'unhealthy and early promiscuity' is to keep them from the best health science has to offer?

Recently, a similar dispute erupted in Britain, where the family of young Freya Dean is engaged in a battle for (apparently) her well being. Her mother is convinced that the vaccination is clearly a chance for a life without the threat of cervical cancer, while her father argues that the child will no longer have a reason for sexual abstinence. Britain is currently the European country with the largest number of young mothers under the age of 18.


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