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Roger Waters, From the Final Cut (Pink Floyd)

This was my earliest exposure to some unique songwriting. Outside of the three minute hit, this was more panoramic audio (and later video) styling. This was when a song could actually create visuals in your head instead of today when everything has to be spelled out for you in a video.

Utah, Land of the. . .

I always said that Utah was, geographically, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I still feel that way, but the line was sort of a backhanded compliment suggesting the culture and prominent ideology had room for much improvement.

I must say that Salt Lake City has changed a LOT since I last lived here. There is still the amazing geography and my amazing family. But the people are changing too.

Sadly, there are still some people who use political positions to dominate others, and I hope to address that with some of my work here. I will be writing more on my blog and possibly doing a radio program here in the near future.

I am still seeking full time work, but I think things will work out!

Best wishes to you all,

Knut a.k.a.'Scott'~)