It Takes America to Bomb a Village

Many years ago Hillary Clinton wrote a book called, 'It takes a Village' and it was from a quote from Africa where the line goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child'.

Sadly Hillary and most of the Democrats when voting in office have shown NONE of the backbone they display on the campaign trail. Cantwell from Washington voted for just about every plank of the Bush agenda, and so did many of the new Democrats that got in on the chant of 'Change direction in Iraq, NOW!!!'.

The Republicans lost it decades age when they went from the promise of small responsible government into the depths of the military industrial complex and the competitive struggle against the Democrats. Whether they ever had intention of smaller government in the late seventies and early eighties is debatable, but what is not up for debate is that the debt has gone through the roof over the past three decades and that is regardless of whether it is an (R) or (D) in charge of the whitey house/congress/house of reps.

The current supporters of the war in Iraq tend to be of the opinion that if we don't defeat the Islamic radicals in Iraq then we will be fighting them here.

This assumes that we would keep funding wars and keep bombing all over the place in the middle east as most politicians have allowed and approved. What they fail to realize is that people like Ron Paul and other anti-Iraq war candidates are suggesting that we bring our troops home from anyplace that is not a threat to America and return our attention to rebuilding the nation.

If we are going to go to war, we should have Congress declare war and we should go, finish the job and come home. Not set up fourteen permanent bases in Iraq. {this is almost a direct quote from Ron Paul BTW- The only (R) running for Pres in 08 that did not vote for giving Bush war powers}.

The idea that if we do not win in Iraq we will continue the battle here in America also assumes that we continue to avoid diplomacy, trade, and sincere open communications and relations with the world.

We are capable of convincing nations to work with us without resorting to violence, and other nations will continue respect us with each new wave of bombers that fly home from the war torn middle east, full of ammo instead of leaving spent shells over there.

The time for change in Iraq is now, the way to do that is to change America now.

This is why I support the small handful of candidates running for President that have the voting record against the War and the Bush agenda. NOT the candidates that are making the same rhetorical speeches on the campaign trail that got them into a position of money and power. A position that they are more interested in keeping than keeping the U.S. out of a black hole war.


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