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Zapato Productions intradimensional

Zapato Productions intradimensional

If this site does not crack you up, then you are on crack!

I especially enjoyed the black helicopter autopsy.

Now Hear This

KPBS: Richard Rider, mayoral candidate (2005-06-02)

This guy has the nerve to run for office in California.

Here is his campaign web site,

He wants to clean house and I think Seattle could use some of that.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.


Pirates & Emperors

Pirates & Emperors

I was on this site when I happened upon this psuedo-schoolhouse rock version of what in the world we are doing.

It is funny, and quite to the point.

Enjoy and discuss amongst yourselves.


Live 8 � The Long Walk to Justice

Live 8 � The Long Walk to Justice

Deb and I went to a U2 concert and Bono was talking about this 'One' campaign that he had been working on.

He has been calling for years for debt relief for Africa and the poorest countries of the world.

I have always agreed with him.

I do not see the logic in giving vast sums of money to a corrupt or poorly run system, then when things go terribly wrong from theft or mismanagement, we straddle the poorest of the poor to pay of a debt to the world banks.

We also have constrictive trade with these countries as well, keeping them from growing a self sustaining economy.

These countries have next to nothing.

Children live on the street.

To quote Bono, "Around the world 30,000 people are still dying of extreme stupid poverty everyday. . . This means someone dying every three seconds."

SO what are we gonna do about it?

Well, the 'One' campaign is not asking for your money.

They want your voice.

BBC - History - George Orwell: Voice of a Long Generation

BBC - History - George Orwell: Voice of a Long Generation

George Orwell - Author that made political writing an art.

Many of his words resonate to this very day.


How "Poor" are America's Poor?

How "Poor" are America's Poor?

This does not imply that times are not rough in America, but they do put it into an international context. And that is very important.

Scott Lindsley

(revised opinion in the comments)

De borgerliga har problem med argumentationen

Eels: What I did last night

Eels: Official Band Website

Last night I took a drag from Mark Everett's (a.k.a. "E" from the Eels) cigar. He passed it around during the special encore for die hard fans that had stuck around.

I laughed when, after the second encore had finished and the house lights came on and the 'riff raff' had left the building and a guy had come to the main mic and said "The Eels have left the building", the die hard fans that walked downstream against the Moore's upward departure rows.

See, once the major chunk of people had left, The Eels stuck to their odd promise and walked onstage in casual clothes and pajamas (unlike the suit and dress they started off in).

It was hard to not appreciate the night of entertainment that those mighty seven people onstage dropped at the drop of a hat.

I would describe the night as clever, sardonic, funny and endearing.

My pal Matt Buck was excited to get the call to work the show behind the scenes, and I was glad he called and put…


-Jun 4 1989
Chinese troops, firing a few warning shots, manage to push tens of thousands of student protesters out of Tienanmen Square without killing any of them. This changes once they're out of the Square, however. In the end, hundreds of unarmed citizens on the streets of Beijing are massacred by the army. Later, several leaders of the pro-democracy demonstration are publicly executed.-


As I read this, I thought about some debates I have had over the past year. I wonder what side the neo-communists are on when you discuss the Tienanmen Square incident.

Are they pro-democracy and rights, or are they anti-rights and pro-communism, or worse yet, are they in the 'ambiguous zone',

Why the contradiction? You ask! Why not a distinction? I ask!

Does it do anyone well to dwell in an unspeakable, undefinable state? This is Especially important when it comes to how they vote/rule over others. If you can not state or defend your position, can you be…

The Death Tax-



· The tax punishes thrift, savings, and hard
work. The tax tells people it is better to consume
today than to invest for the future, to spend lavishly
now and leave no ongoing business interest or assets to
the next generation.

· It is double taxation. Most of the assets
covered by the tax have already been taxed during the
person’s lifetime.

· It diverts resources from investment to
paying for complex trusts and insurance policies to avoid
the tax.


· The center for the Study of Taxation found
more than 70 percent of family businesses do not
survive the second generation and 87 percent do not survive
the third generation because of the estate tax.

· A Heritage Foundation study shows the Death
Tax alone is responsible for the loss of between
170,000 and 250,000 potential jobs each year.

· The National Federation if Independent
Businesses estimates that one-third of…