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What does this cute little guy say?

Life in the Valley

I just celebrated 5 years at the U and it appears that new experiences keep happening with every passing week. Several ideas for screenplays have been working their way to the forefront of my time. I have a few films that are done or very near done and I will post them here as soon as I can. Most of all, I want to find out about my lenses and gear. Of curse, the best way to learn, is to do. So I will be doing a lot more in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Knut~

Angry Baby Takes Frustration Out On Rattle

2014 SLC 48 Film Fest Entry (Cinemetography by Knut Films)


SLC 2014 48Hour Film Fest Trailer

Cinematography/Editing by Knut Films #knutfilms #abandonvehicle

Edible Planet

People often talk about the importance of food storage. But what about a food storage bin that surrounds you nearly everywhere you go?

Edible Planet is a process designed to help you learn how to find the edible food that can either be sought in the wild, or harvested in your own living area.

Here is a piece of our expedition to the International Peace Garden in March 2014.

Lefty - Magician Extraordinaire

Coming soon to a stage near you!

What Do Libertarians Say About Gay Marriage?