Ron Paul (R)

My answer to the global warming concern posed by Bill Maher. Downsize the American Government as it is the largest polluter on the face of the Earth. Eliminate the pork, reduce the size of the war machine, reduce the hand of the government invading our civil liberties, remove our military footprint in over a hundred countries across the globe, etc. (never has an etc weighed so much).

We the people have to care about our world enough to save it. It will only be a force of human positive will, not Orwellian handcuff force, that we will cause the type of response needed to address our part of this global warming problem we must face.

Ron did not display the high speed internet wit of Bill Maher, BUT he does respond with honest forthright and amazing answers (maybe he does have the high speed wit, but he is not use to the same audience as Bill every night).

So far, He is the only (R) for which I would vote as he is not for the neo-can agenda of social intolerance and fiscal irresponsibility.

Go Ron Paul!!!


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