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Sometime you just gotta say. . .


Or gee whiz.

It is a cultural as well as generational thing, really. I mean, if you were in. . . say. . . a biker bar and you went around saying, 'oh pooh' when you were really frustrated about something, they'd beat the living pooh right out of you.

You have to know your audience because all the world's a stage.

So remember, the only time the 'oh pooh' thing will fly is when you are around very young children or seniors with disabilities. For some bizarre reason the seniors with disabilities really get a crack up about the use of the expletive, 'OH Pooh!!!'

Try it sometime, I bet you'll like it.

In fact, you can refer to my "Expletive Guide to Northern American Social Groups" soon to be available at Amazong and Ebeyit.

If you frustrated in Iowa, try the handy 'doggone' or 'confoundit'.

If you find yourself in Florida and hit your thumb with a hammer, yell out, 'fuhshizzle'. This use of the Snoop …

Senate race has national echoes

Senate race has national echoes

Yep, a total lack of good coverage in the press.

I have a note for y'all, according to the Seattle PI "Federal campaign finance reports filed by the two camps Thursday showed that McGavick had $2.78 million in the bank on Aug. 31 compared with CantwellÂ’s $5.13 million."

One more article for the books, a 'follow the money not the issues' type of safe local reporting of the campaigns.

I wanted to nail the point in that media coverage across the nation is lacking in substance and heavy on cash and partisan (our side not yours regardless of voting record) opinion.

'Why is this relevant' you ask (if you have not already left for the next blog)?


There are important issues that are being ignored in the media and it kinda bugs me. Article after article on how much money these guys have. Ignoring or marginalizing the dissenting voice into a safe little paragraph at the end of each article.


I take my casual fridays very seriously

In fact, today I wore a thong!


Who Wrote This?

". . . it is almost as if the American government has been installed as the conscience of the nation. Subconsciencely we are deeply wounded and at war with our self. . . "


If you're not using it, you're wasting it.

An object at rest is Lazy.

Live long and prosper. -Spock MD

Give till it hurts.

Have hope.


NPR- Most Things Considered

I was listening to NPR on Friday as I often do on a break from my nonstop three weeks of KEXP 90.3 when there was an interesting point of one of the interviews.

The guest on the 'panel' stated, when asked about voting independent in the upcoming Senatorial race, that to do so would "help the opposition get into office"

I'm sorry. I am tired of being guilt tripped into voting for a candidate that never feels the heat from the people.

Our (D) Senator has voted for the war EVERY TIME. Voted for the patriot act (you know the one with the domestic phone taps and other unconstitutional actions in it), voted for big business subsidies, and also was a key vote on putting a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court (putting Roe v Wade on notice BTW).

I am talking about Cantwell and I am sorry, but could someone explain how a hawkish Senator is not the opposition?

A Senator who has hardly improved things for WA (or introduced legislation to improve things for the suff…