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Oxfam America

Oxfam America

A site that uses donation monies to bring food and water to affected areas.

PLease consider donating to a charity of your choice.

Music of Mine


I do believe you can hear my tune 'One Arm Mile' on this web site.

Still putting it together, but that link still works. (As far as I know)


Wind Energy

American Wind Energy Association� . . . Clean Energy for our Environment and Economy

You Blowhard!!!

This, plus tidal harnessing, solar panels, and alt fuels could really provide for an cleaner war machine.

Whaddya think?


The Long Version

THE Nays have it, and they won't give it back.

I just watched floater last night, they are truly amazing. The best non-major label band I know of.

ANd above that, I truly love their music as much as I love any other band on my list of favs.

But don't take my word for it, watch their vids or listen to a song on their web site.

ANd. . . Happy Holy Days!!!


November of our Discontent- The blog doesn't lie

We, living in north America, just went through a very rough month. Parties (political, not the fun ones) were leaned on hard by people with the hope of winning against the opposition.

I leaned on the LP as I see them as working to downsize the wasteful abusive side of the government. WHile working to protect the rights of all and with special interest for none.

I heard many comments about the Libertarians -

"You're just republicans dressed up like hippies!"

"Your guy won't win, why waste your vote?" (I would not dishonour choices so quickly, AND If winning is the only way to not waste your vote then was a vote for Kerry 'wasted' by that same standard of winner vs loser)

"Libertarians are liberals that want drugs and hookers everywhere." (Um. . yeah. . party!!!)

"You should not be in the debates cuz Nader will have to be there too and he will steal votes from Kerry!"


But I smile thinking back …
Libertarians of Seattle working hard for the party.
From my radio days.

Liberty Dollar

Liberty Dollar

This is a site for an active currency that is spreading around. I have not seen a Liberty Dollar yet, but I know that I would accept them from anyone. It's a current use of a silver/gold standard as currency.

I heard about it on the archived debate between the Libertarian and Green party debates {The ones Bush and Kerry refused to join in}.

Good reading,
Scott Lindsley

War in Eden

Whether or not people are good or evil by nature, we live amongst other people. So two points here, If people are naturally good, we don't need a giant system to monitor our every move. If they are bad, then how can we trust a group of them with great power? ie govt. or corporation.

I am saying that whether it is the govt. or corporations doing something, what REALLY matters is the ethics and end result. If you have to oppress someone to achieve a goal, perhaps a review of your act is in order. Corporations should not be able to act as individuals, and politicians should not be able to violate and control whole segments of the population. Not matter how unpopular their group may be. No matter what the vote is (ie gay marriage).

If you have to cheat your workers to make a huge buck while they swim from check to check, you really suck. [It's a political term, you wouldn't understand]

Same goes for the political process. To exclude people from the debates in an ele…

Results are in!!!

A modern politician will always tell you what you want to hear. And when it serves their reelection interest they give you what you want. When it serves a 'democratic' activity but might reflect poorly on them, they usually leave it alone and let people suffer.

I'm not cynical.

The rate of increase in the American political government is not healthy. And should be likened to philosophical obesity. To condemn individuals who are greedy, but then give a blank check to the govt. to do as it pleases does not make sense.

It takes dollars, trillions of them.

It is time to stop charging the American populace with every new idea a repub or dem comes up with. It appears to limit choice every time.

In a free country.

Don't go back to sleep. There is work to be done. Not a lot of work, just a little homework and a little activism by each if us.


Revolutionary Ideals

Days prior to the election I am putting out a few thoughts about the event. I offer this for those who had questions/comments about the election.

First of all, it would be good for America to decide NOW that two-parties are not nearly enough to represent the diverse groups we are. The sooner you accept this the better. I will not accept that the two parties represent the interests of most Americans (I include all of North America in that). I would be glad to back up that comment anytime.

If our government stayed within the original Constitutional bounds, ( See ) two parties would be quite adequate and capable of representing the country. Abuse, govt. blank check mentality, complexity and unprecedented growth has shown an even greater need for a better choice than the lesser of two evils can offer.

It took us time to learn that blacks and women are not property, but equal in the rights to own and protect property. Those errors, luckily, were amendable and our gover…

Invention idea

How about a popcorn bag that has a battery attached to it, when you pull the chord it sends a microwave signal through the corn and pops itself. Just enough juice for the battery and just enough butter for the popcorn.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm movie anyone???

Drug War

Job in the DEA pays $38,000 for the first year, then you get a $10,000 raise for the first five years.

How would having this job make you feel about the war on drugs?

Where in the Constitution is this action/war approved?

When will we stop fighting a war we can not win?

If gaurds in jails sneak drugs into prison, how easy is it to get them on the street? It's cake.

Vote for a candidate that will actually DO the right thing, and end the war on drugs.

I have a suggestion,

Where did it go

In a discussion with a lady last week about {gasp} politics, I brought out the point that clarified, per our discussion, 'to each their own'. I merely added the words 'To each their own so long as it does not violate others'. The kind lady said 'well, that goes without saying.'

My reply, 'If it goes without saying. . . it usually goes quickly.'

Badnarik/Campagna '04 for President

High from Fumes

I drove all over Seattle today and saw many bumper stickers. Some funny and others sad, but it is the season for political ones. The famous 'No Iraq War' one has been . . . edited with black markers or scissors to say things like, 'no war' or 'now'. And the funny cars are the ones that have a Kucinich sticker over a Dean sticker over a Clinton sticker. All of these of course covered by a Kerry sticker. Not a jab at Kerry as much as an observation. I saw a Badnarik Sticker. He's the Libertarian presidential candidate. Badnarik

And of course there were Bush stickers out there to. But I am just glad to see people putting a segment of their opinion on their car. Now, can we start talking to each other about these ideas? Without blowing up, getting hot, storming out of the room? Maybe we will just have to wait till after the election. Then there will be a lot less pressure going on. But will it be too late?

Let's talk about that. What do you say?

Wasted vote mythology 101

'It is never a wasted vote if you vote for who you respect.' Badnarik

Two cents

If talk is cheap then it is priceless to have nothing to say.


If you won't stop polluting for your fellow man, consider the lillies.
The best way to support the status quo, is not to vote.


After much thought I'll admit it,
An admission of guilt is not proof of guilt.


A. I'm gonna be bigger than Spielberg!!!
B. Well you'd better start eating now.


A. Get out much?
B. No.
A. You should, you're starting to smell.


I can't bear to touch her, see,
I know how she feels.
Someone else may be holding her,
I know how she feels.

Rumors of thoughts

Wars, and rumors of wars.
The Summer war tour. Rocketh on.
Last minute
Don't protect her from the dogs
then throw her to the wolves.
Integrity is not eternal.

Truth is. . .

The truth makes a nasty secret.


For every action there is an equal and opposite responsibility.


I am not a hypocrate for not doing what you tell me to do.

Huh whasa

Oh yeah??? Well you look like a chicken wif two heads and bo'f oh dem is cut off!!!!!


A. (Drunk) Kid's. . . Now hear me out. . . DOn't drink ummkay!??~!~?

B,C & D. Hey, Have you not heard of learning by example drunkard???

A. Hey kid shut up. . .!!! Have you not heard of learning by prophecy??? Proficiency, proferance, prophecy. . . yeah, that last one??? Hmmmmmm!!!

This Space

This space NOT for rent.

Your company name NOT here.


A. WHat you guys doin'???

B. Just looking for the truth and expressing what we find.

A. What if we could not talk, or speak?

B. (mumbles) MMMhhmmmhmhmmmmmhmmmh


A. Do you have PASSION???

B. HUH. . . I don't know.

A. No, the CD version of Passion by Peter Gabriel.

B. Well shock my monkey.


With all due respect, I don't want to live in a neighbourhood that is so hard that you have to have bars on the windows to sleep well at night. Dig? No deeper!


There is little doubt that the Earth is trying to rebuild herself. Now if we could just gently downsize the American federal government (which happens to be the largest polluter on the face of the Earth) then we'd be getting on track to cleaning up the Blue Pearl Planet.

Course, we need to start using our new technologies that are alomst 99% pollution free. But that's a conversation for our last breath.

Funniest Thing

Wouldn't it be funny if everything we're taught keeps us from the answers we are seeking?

And wouldn't it be the funniest thing if the wax that shines our apples makes us blind?


When the going gets tough, the tough get soft.


Takes one to know one, so we'll make you one.

Dork Savant

He who takes Liberty and promises security, deserves neither power, nor re-election.

Funniest Thing

   This has to be the most hilarious thing I've seen, and a great reason to visit

   Best wishes and, since no ladies are on enough ballots to win the presidency,

   May the best man win,


Loaded Questions to a Captive Audience

Like an infomercial gone horribly wrong the current American system of 'Election Year Coverage' has embarked on yet another steamroll of issues and ideas. The audience is now made up of people who get their news predominantly from a single source, (More Americans get their news from {inserts initials here} than from any other source!!!) which is a very bad idea.

A mass of people nodding to Rush or Fox or even NPR without seeking the voices of dissent (frequently left out of most major news outlets) is a scary thought. Especially when many registered voters are blowing like fuses vowing to never vote again. Saying there is no choice and they are sick of voting for the lesser of evils. There actually IS a choice, it just has no coverage. Michael Badnarik said at the LP convention "When you vote for the lesser of evils and your candidate wins, you still get evil!!!".

The cable media lackeys are pulling down interviews with Bush and Kerry family members, frien…

Live simply, so others may simply live

{The opinions expressed below are those of me, me, and maybe a few other people}

This SIMPLE credo has been seen recently on bumper stickers and it goes as far back as inspiring the Taoist movement. The art of simplicity can also be attributed to the philosophical origins of minimalism and liberalism.

'Lib' at the root, means free. ie, liberate, libertarian, etc.. It has, however become a modern political term. One that I will now attempt to uncover as NOT exactly free.

I mean little or no offense to anyone who considers themselves, 'liberal'. Rather I am attempting a dialogue that will inspire interaction, understanding, and communication. (I have many 'liberal' views. A topic for a later date)

The current, or 'neo'-liberal vibe has construed all things they want our govt. to do for the people as rights. Right to work, right to healthcare, right to homes etc.. Surely there should be no arm nor agency of the government that should work i…


Find it!!!

Pen Might SHip

The pen is mightier than the sword, I'm glad I have forty-seven black inkers.

To Be at One

To Be at One.

Nature is around us. It can not be measured how much of nature adores us back. But much of the warmth and happiness we enjoy is due to our union with our surroundings. Our darkest hours have been when we attempt to control and force others to think as we do. Our greatest lives have been lived in liberty and honour. Our interaction with the Earth is deeply intertwined with our interactions with each other. When we fight, the bullets hit somewhere precious, always. When we use weapons beyond the basic sword and arrow our destruction is greater. And when we use the government to rule over others we wield a power, once again, that is greater than any person should charge. Hence the steps of war are the steps away from harmony with each other.

In a society based on authoritarian government, we are most often not free to disagree and speak our dissent. In a communist, fascist, or otherwise authoritarian system, we are not free to live as Libertarians. B…

Long Live the Queen

AN environmental credo, 'Careful which road you are paving', gives light to the idea that our actions mean something. Yes this normanlly qualifies for the 'well, duh' segment of the brain. But I think things have really changed in the last twenty years.

It was unthinkable that we ordinary people would have a live chat with people in many differnet countries at the same time, have the technology to build cars and homes and towns to run so efficiently that we would use a fraction of what we've used in the past, have tools for building just about anyhting we can design, and have time to relax and take it all in.

So we have these great technologies. Now the trick is actually getting around to using them. From harnessing the tides and the wind, to making cars as strong and half as heavy as the ones we drive now, and getting peolple to adopt these things. And actually not being afraid to help out mother Earth.

I'm not some stark raving funda'mental&#…

What did you KEXPect?

If you are alone, hurting, and in need of Love. If you feel like the whole world is this black hole of lies deciept and wretched filthiness. If you have reached your final moments and each breath is harder than the next to draw. Then, you have obviously NOT been listening to

SHeeesh, Lighten up. freak.

Kinda Funny

The longer you refrain from saying something, the more the words change. I wonder if some of the greatest ideas went unspoken. Unsaid. It won't do much to wonder. But life is full of wonder.

Another thing,

Love thy neighbour, and Don't talk to strangers. They seem to, at some points, contradict. Especially if you use broader definitions. Under one definition, it would mean have sex with your immediate neighbours and don't talk in chat rooms. Under another definition it would be love all your fellow man and don't speak with aliens.

I quit doing that years ago. . . the alien thing. I still go into chat rooms. Actually as an alien. Kinda funny how that works huh?!?!?!?
Water on Mars could be used to fuel a rockets return to the Earth. Perhaps coming home with a large amount of stuff from Mars.

Wouldn't it be something if the scientists for the government war department started making rockets propelled by water. This way, with the water resources we have in America, we could put missles on any part of the planet. Destroying the enemy, but not the environment.

And as far as defining our 'enemy', Well, we'll just leave that up to whatever persuasion of leader we have in the white house. Our best interests, I am told, are best served by those in office. ANd it would really be great if we would just let them go do whatever it is they do.

MAybe they will eradicate anyone with different ideas than them. Like this bumper sticker I saw recently, Who Would Jesus Bomb? Exactly my point.

WOuldn't that be something?


There are things in science that mankind has the ability to imitate but we should not. There are things in science and nature that we must imitate and we do not.

A ratchet, gripping tighter and spinning unrelentingly. A polarized filter. a shifting unit of measure. A stream. A damn. A broken bone. A tall glass of water. A swift kick to the pants. A biased magnet tilting towards off center. A compass. A note. A key. A torn leaf. A broken heart.

We are capable of so many things. And we interect with each others in our current chosen or default state. It is easy to lilt this way or that. It is harder and very rare to pull yourself together and offer a different self. Away from the victim. Away from the strong arm of the ruthless system. CLoser to the heart. Closer to the ideal. A cliche has built a wall around itself and kept many of us from ourself.

Life is what you make it.

Amaze yourself. BY being your self.

This is not a letter of empowerment, but an observation. A let…
". . . And when they came for the (insert your group here) there was no one left to stand up." Jewish Proverb

After several recent discussions and debates online I find a common thread. On the gun rights chat room they are pro gun, but not pro anything else. On the socialist workers party they are pro socialist workers but nothing else. On the chat room for doctors don't bring up alternative medicine.

This is what I like to call, 'The Great Polarization'.

Our defense of our personal issues has brought a tunnel vision to other people life rights. I propose a filter, a self help room, group, area or device that takes people and reminds them of the fact that no matter what your view on an issue it does not give you jurisdiction over your fellow man. For example, you may disagree with homosexual lifestyles, but this does not give you the right to take my tax dollar to try and stop this lifestyle. The one(s) you disagree with.

I do not use drugs, but I …
Election Year Blues

Well the time has come where the news puts the age old spin machine on high cycle. It will be a whole slew [slough?] of 'It's election year so the president will be doing this or that to get into the polls." reports.

People, please don't be so easily led.

How about taking the other three years before 'election year' to do a little study on what's really important.

You do not have to dedicate long hours, though that would be fine, to the study of politics and philosophy. But the occasional sit down with buds or even an online chat would return so much information.

Also, your discussions should not always with like minded folk. Find those who challenge you a little and spend a few minutes trying to see it from the 'other side'. Sometimes it is not as obscure as it seems. Sometimes it is worse.

I think many, in fact most people on this Earth want the same thing. Good homes, neighbourhoods, jobs/daytime activities…
Time makes more believers than the truth.

Yahoo! Mail -
The early worm gets the dirt.

[where this stuff comes from, I do not know]
Never be so polarized that you can't see.
never make promises you can't trace.

and remember, silly though it may sound,
the early worm avoids the birds.

I am working on the web site and also putting my efforts into the album. I have felt that 'The Ghost of Uncle Who' Is a pretty swell name for some time now. And though I am solo at the moment this feels really good as a band name or at the very least an album name.

We shall see. Only History will tell. Blah blah blah.
The rich, who are rotten, are poor.
How to tell you've married the right woman.

- Look at her, listen to her.
"The Great Quest for the Unearned"

I found our cd changer had been stolen out of our car just the other day. It really bothers me that our apt. complex claims in its ads to have secured parking, yet all the people I have spoken with have had at least one 'break in' into their cars.

List of items stolen;

- lanyard with 'KNUT' nametag from work and green sharpie attached.

- twelve disc cd changer with eleven disc inside.

- Odd items - "Hail to the thief" [Radiohead], "The Final RIp Off" [Monty Python], "System of a Down [self titled?], various burnt discs.

Now I know we all could postulate reasons why so many find it so easy to make a living by stealing. I refer to a conversation I had just a few weeks ago with a police officer. He said he was basically Libertarian but it seems that the courts let any true offender go [ie car thieves and the like to white collar criminals] so they can make …
How utterly amazing, the world we live in and occupy. My web site is on it's way. You can already listen to music of mine online.