"The Great Quest for the Unearned"

I found our cd changer had been stolen out of our car just the other day. It really bothers me that our apt. complex claims in its ads to have secured parking, yet all the people I have spoken with have had at least one 'break in' into their cars.

List of items stolen;

- lanyard with 'KNUT' nametag from work and green sharpie attached.

- twelve disc cd changer with eleven disc inside.

- Odd items - "Hail to the thief" [Radiohead], "The Final RIp Off" [Monty Python], "System of a Down [self titled?], various burnt discs.

Now I know we all could postulate reasons why so many find it so easy to make a living by stealing. I refer to a conversation I had just a few weeks ago with a police officer. He said he was basically Libertarian but it seems that the courts let any true offender go [ie car thieves and the like to white collar criminals] so they can make room for the high profile offenders.

You know, the ones where people don't have jurisdictiuon as much as they have insecurities.

Fear based legal actions on a broad social scale. Personally I am sick of wasting tax dollars on consenting adults, ie. drug war, war on gays, polygamy [remember I said ADULTS. . . I'm not down with the chi'dren being thrown into eternal engagements with adults who should know better.].

I would say the whole system needs an overhaul but it's like Einstein said, "You can not solve a problem using the same mentality that created it".

We must start using our brains, or else we will suffer more and more.

One last thought, If I were rich and a ten thousand dollar necklace had been stolen, the police would come, dust for prints and see what they could do to find it. My car stereo gets stolen and they say little in fact it is more like, 'don't get your hopes up.'

They don't want to even send someone down to the car to check it out. I know they have a lot to do. But I wonder,

On the phone when I called to say my steroe was stolen, If I said, "I think they dropped some drugs into my car. How fast would they go from 'eh, we can't really help you' to 'We'll be right over with the K=9 units'

Who knows. . . . not me.

Truly now,

Knut Prescott Lindsley


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