To Be at One

To Be at One.

Nature is around us. It can not be measured how much of nature adores us back. But much of the warmth and happiness we enjoy is due to our union with our surroundings. Our darkest hours have been when we attempt to control and force others to think as we do. Our greatest lives have been lived in liberty and honour. Our interaction with the Earth is deeply intertwined with our interactions with each other. When we fight, the bullets hit somewhere precious, always. When we use weapons beyond the basic sword and arrow our destruction is greater. And when we use the government to rule over others we wield a power, once again, that is greater than any person should charge. Hence the steps of war are the steps away from harmony with each other.

In a society based on authoritarian government, we are most often not free to disagree and speak our dissent. In a communist, fascist, or otherwise authoritarian system, we are not free to live as Libertarians. But in a Libertarian society we ARE free to live in communes donating all we have to each other. Or creating our own self determined dynamics for a voluntary community.

This simple yet obvious difference should be helpful in determining what type of system, or philosophy, will work for humanity, much less the 'free' people of America.

Another perspective is the one that involves taxes. In a free society, no tax money would be wasted on consenting adults. This is because what adults agree to do to themselves, so long as it does not violate the rights or property of others, should be left to the discretion of the willing.

Repeat the thought, We should not waste tax dollars on consenting adults. Most often, when a society attempts to control certain members chaos comes from it. The mafia was strongly bolstered and funded by prohibition, just as the same system of drug prohibition is funding the growth of gangs and the government charged with stopping gangs. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but without faith. So we pay the costly price for our fears, when we should seek to help others in need instead of creating walls for them to bang against and hide behind.

But most importantly, far too many have lost the willingness to talk about these issues. Perhaps they think they have heard every angle, I can say they have not. But none the less they walk among us, like blown fuses refusing to carry a current. They are fatalists in the guise of active members of society. And they will always live under a world of lesser evils.

I will live in a world of harmony and liberty. It is my path, and there is no gate, nor controller saying who can come and who can go. All are welcome and desired.

A far more tolerant path is the one that encourages freedom and responsibility over the machinations of dictators. No matter how experienced and educated.

SO I ask you to, if you have not already, display some intellectual stamina, and investigate the Libertarian philosophy. Then, if you'd be so willing, investigate the Libertarian Party.

Then, do whatever comes naturally.

And there will be harmony again in the world.

Peace and many blessings,
Scott Lindsley


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