Results are in!!!

A modern politician will always tell you what you want to hear. And when it serves their reelection interest they give you what you want. When it serves a 'democratic' activity but might reflect poorly on them, they usually leave it alone and let people suffer.

I'm not cynical.

The rate of increase in the American political government is not healthy. And should be likened to philosophical obesity. To condemn individuals who are greedy, but then give a blank check to the govt. to do as it pleases does not make sense.

It takes dollars, trillions of them.

It is time to stop charging the American populace with every new idea a repub or dem comes up with. It appears to limit choice every time.

In a free country.

Don't go back to sleep. There is work to be done. Not a lot of work, just a little homework and a little activism by each if us.



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