High from Fumes

I drove all over Seattle today and saw many bumper stickers. Some funny and others sad, but it is the season for political ones. The famous 'No Iraq War' one has been . . . edited with black markers or scissors to say things like, 'no war' or 'now'. And the funny cars are the ones that have a Kucinich sticker over a Dean sticker over a Clinton sticker. All of these of course covered by a Kerry sticker. Not a jab at Kerry as much as an observation. I saw a Badnarik Sticker. He's the Libertarian presidential candidate. Badnarik

And of course there were Bush stickers out there to. But I am just glad to see people putting a segment of their opinion on their car. Now, can we start talking to each other about these ideas? Without blowing up, getting hot, storming out of the room? Maybe we will just have to wait till after the election. Then there will be a lot less pressure going on. But will it be too late?

Let's talk about that. What do you say?

Best wishes,


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