November of our Discontent- The blog doesn't lie

We, living in north America, just went through a very rough month. Parties (political, not the fun ones) were leaned on hard by people with the hope of winning against the opposition.

I leaned on the LP as I see them as working to downsize the wasteful abusive side of the government. WHile working to protect the rights of all and with special interest for none.

I heard many comments about the Libertarians -

"You're just republicans dressed up like hippies!"

"Your guy won't win, why waste your vote?" (I would not dishonour choices so quickly, AND If winning is the only way to not waste your vote then was a vote for Kerry 'wasted' by that same standard of winner vs loser)

"Libertarians are liberals that want drugs and hookers everywhere." (Um. . yeah. . party!!!)

"You should not be in the debates cuz Nader will have to be there too and he will steal votes from Kerry!"


But I smile thinking back on this, why?

I was out there, talking with people, getting to know what many people actually believe. I found most 'understandings' of libertarians were misunderstandings.

This is great and bad. Great because the real Libertarian platform and philosophy is quite sound. Bad because the image/branding of the party is skewed by whichever newscasters whim happens to be in control that day.

Let's face it, most people get their opinions from the media.

Let's face it, that's sad, subjective, and surreal.

Read a book people, and not one on your favorite radio hosts list or TV shows link.

Seek out your news from MANY sources. Form opinions based on more than just popular culture. And most of all, don't use herd mentality to decide who to vote for, at least if you claim to have any respect for yourself (Or any independent thoughts floating in your pretty little head).

Don't put too much stock in any one news agency. (I mean that both ways BTW)

If people are naturally bad, how can you trust one group of people to rule-teach-control another group of people. If people are naturally good, you don't need a large authoritarian government telling all us what to do.

So which is it?

'Tis better to take a step in the right direction and lose, then a step in the wrong direction and win' Cobb, Green party candidate on the 'wasted vote' myth.


What about social contract?

Okay, in a socialist/communist society you are not free to live as a libertarian. In a libertarian society you are free to live as a socialist/communist.

So long as you don't violate others life, liberty, and property, you are free to do what you want with what you want.

"But what about the poor? This is the strongest need for social contract?"

First of all, in a Libertarian society most people would be taxed much less and therefore much further from poverty. Not to mention the end of corporate welfare would end the unbalance of wealth to tax ratios we often see. Oh, and most 'value added tax' would also be gone (Taxes that a company pays and passes the cost on to the consumer).

We don't need most of the alphabet soup agencies we have in the federal government.

DEA - end the war on drugs
BATF - end the war on alc-tobac-&-firearms
FDA - get the govt out of approving drugs that later kill and keeping drugs that save from the shelves.
IRS - do you need a reason for this one? They bring in about 15% of the taxes used. End these wasteful programs and say bye bye to the un-auditable IRS.
DOE - fifty years ago we had no dept of education and we were #1 in the world, now, after fifty years of it, we are number 26. Roughly one in ten is functionally illiterat. . ilitre. . . ilitrature . . (crap, hold on one sec here) can't fully read or write.

ETC - and so forth and so on.

SO, you must admit, at the very least you are curious. That is if you are not already sold on the idea.

Feel free to comment, reply, e-mail, talk to strangers in a new tongue, call, or whatever.

"How can a law that violates the individual be considered good for the masses?"


join an active, freedom loving, forward thinking, Liberty oriented group in your area.

I might give you a hint of what type, that is if you force me to do it.


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