There are things in science that mankind has the ability to imitate but we should not. There are things in science and nature that we must imitate and we do not.

A ratchet, gripping tighter and spinning unrelentingly. A polarized filter. a shifting unit of measure. A stream. A damn. A broken bone. A tall glass of water. A swift kick to the pants. A biased magnet tilting towards off center. A compass. A note. A key. A torn leaf. A broken heart.

We are capable of so many things. And we interect with each others in our current chosen or default state. It is easy to lilt this way or that. It is harder and very rare to pull yourself together and offer a different self. Away from the victim. Away from the strong arm of the ruthless system. CLoser to the heart. Closer to the ideal. A cliche has built a wall around itself and kept many of us from ourself.

Life is what you make it.

Amaze yourself. BY being your self.

This is not a letter of empowerment, but an observation. A letter of empowerment from this perspective would seem condescending to some. And I can only ascend from here.

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