Election Year Blues

Well the time has come where the news puts the age old spin machine on high cycle. It will be a whole slew [slough?] of 'It's election year so the president will be doing this or that to get into the polls." reports.

People, please don't be so easily led.

How about taking the other three years before 'election year' to do a little study on what's really important.

You do not have to dedicate long hours, though that would be fine, to the study of politics and philosophy. But the occasional sit down with buds or even an online chat would return so much information.

Also, your discussions should not always with like minded folk. Find those who challenge you a little and spend a few minutes trying to see it from the 'other side'. Sometimes it is not as obscure as it seems. Sometimes it is worse.

I think many, in fact most people on this Earth want the same thing. Good homes, neighbourhoods, jobs/daytime activities. We all want to live with justice, respect, and courtesy. And truth is, it's not that hard to give and receive these things. But it is like those trust circles.

All this will only work if it goes all the way around the whole circle.

Peace within,


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