Long Live the Queen

AN environmental credo, 'Careful which road you are paving', gives light to the idea that our actions mean something. Yes this normanlly qualifies for the 'well, duh' segment of the brain. But I think things have really changed in the last twenty years.

It was unthinkable that we ordinary people would have a live chat with people in many differnet countries at the same time, have the technology to build cars and homes and towns to run so efficiently that we would use a fraction of what we've used in the past, have tools for building just about anyhting we can design, and have time to relax and take it all in.

So we have these great technologies. Now the trick is actually getting around to using them. From harnessing the tides and the wind, to making cars as strong and half as heavy as the ones we drive now, and getting peolple to adopt these things. And actually not being afraid to help out mother Earth.

I'm not some stark raving funda'mental' activist for the environment, But I do see that the road we pave can be much lighter and much safer for this great Mother Earth. OUr Queen who gives us life and nurtures us.

What the hell does stark raving mean anyway?


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