Water on Mars could be used to fuel a rockets return to the Earth. Perhaps coming home with a large amount of stuff from Mars.

Wouldn't it be something if the scientists for the government war department started making rockets propelled by water. This way, with the water resources we have in America, we could put missles on any part of the planet. Destroying the enemy, but not the environment.

And as far as defining our 'enemy', Well, we'll just leave that up to whatever persuasion of leader we have in the white house. Our best interests, I am told, are best served by those in office. ANd it would really be great if we would just let them go do whatever it is they do.

MAybe they will eradicate anyone with different ideas than them. Like this bumper sticker I saw recently, Who Would Jesus Bomb? Exactly my point.

WOuldn't that be something?



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