War in Eden

Whether or not people are good or evil by nature, we live amongst other people. So two points here, If people are naturally good, we don't need a giant system to monitor our every move. If they are bad, then how can we trust a group of them with great power? ie govt. or corporation.

I am saying that whether it is the govt. or corporations doing something, what REALLY matters is the ethics and end result. If you have to oppress someone to achieve a goal, perhaps a review of your act is in order. Corporations should not be able to act as individuals, and politicians should not be able to violate and control whole segments of the population. Not matter how unpopular their group may be. No matter what the vote is (ie gay marriage).

If you have to cheat your workers to make a huge buck while they swim from check to check, you really suck. [It's a political term, you wouldn't understand]

Same goes for the political process. To exclude people from the debates in an election is a shame. And you should never vote for any candidate that will not allow all legit, ballot accessed candidates to be included in the process.

The media will cover who they choose, but the debates should be up to the people, so decide and work for equal access. I include Socialist Workers with the Libertarians in that pledge.


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