You're under a breast. . . er arrest!

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: East Volusia

I love the passionate way this article covers the breast. The fight to free the breast from the constrictive laws and clothes that continue to oppress and keep a good breast down.

I say to our good lady fighting for freedom of exposure (to exposure?), keep up the good work.

Though I am in agreement that the human body has, in various forms, been kept under wraps for social reasons. It is clear that in many countries where the 'body exposed' is not such insane taboo, people don't really fret over these things. And though the act may cause a disturbance in places where we have grown accustomed to a lack of exposure, in many other countries people would not even bother to stop and admire.

What do you think of this, expose your views in the comment section.


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