City Journal Spring 2005 | What�s Holding Black Kids Back? by Kay S. Hymowitz

City Journal Spring 2005 | What�s Holding Black Kids Back? by Kay S. Hymowitz

This article speaks for itself.

Don't they all?

The tough thing is, how do we talk about and resolve these issues when so much is taboo?

I'd love to create a spot where taboo is passe.

Oh wait, it's right here.

Disregard that last line.




Anonymous said…
I would assume that what's holding this article back is bad journalisim. Because someone visited one head start program and a single child became a single mother?

What about the children that are found to be in homes under abusive conditions where CPS would not get involved without the knowledge from CPS because the neighbors certainly aren't helping matters?
Scott said…
What about the homes that CPS visited, reported, and still neglected to take a child away from a severely abusive parent.

Especially in the cases where the child (or worse, children) ends up dead.

CPS has its hands tied because we are NOT using our justice dept. for equal justice.

They have too few agents, with not enough training/backup. The CPS are stretched too thin.

The state is, sadly in my opinion, more concerned with stopping pot smokers from smoking and medicinal marijuana users from healing.

We spend billions for the drug war, and billions for too much waste of our tax money. And you wonder why the system keeps failing our kids, our schools and our communities.

The govt is full of people who don't keep our kids at the top of the priority list. (see the lotto/prop tax theft)

Because we have turned all power over to the king, the state, we suffer. Our kids suffer. Try to opt out of the system, tell me what happens to you in this free country.

Head start, and these other programs MIGHT be successful if they did not act as a primer for kids then sputter out due to overregulation and underfunding in the later years of school for kids.

Teachers and schools are struggling to provide a safe, and educational environment for students, and they are not able to do so.

So the poor communities suffer, and the rich ones do as they please.

SO under the current stresses, the head start program is a waste of money.

We have to regain local controls of our schools and take them off the national dole.

The fed provides a third of the rules and only a sixth of the funding for the public/govt schools today.

We have to restore the right of the parents to choose what and how their children learn in school and keep the money from fluffing pillows on DC.

I'm sorry, but I don't want G. W. Bush deciding what I teach my kids in school. Nor do I want Hillary Clinton doing the same.

We have to stop looking far, far away for the answers to the problems at our front door.

knock, knock.

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