Can it ever be

Seems so blatantly obvious, but vast numbers of people everywhere are struggling to defend themselves from outside influence.

It is part of our everyday life. In America the left wants certain freedoms, the right wants different freedoms, and the two want to control the other EVEN when the actions of the other have no affect on the other.

If the politicians in power in America, the land of the free, can not stop making rules for the other members of society to follow, how are things in other parts of the world, where whoever has the most guns and anger rules?

And how can you use the term 'free' society to define America when each year THOUSANDS of laws and officers forcing compliance are added to the system.

The Washington State Libertarian Party has impressed me with members seeking to improve things in Washington. (new logo on right, though I should have put it in the center as they are the real centrist.)

On the new Calif. LP web site, they start out with this brilliant opener,

"If you describe yourself as socially tolerant and fiscally responsible, you're a Libertarian!

We believe you —not the government— should decide how to run your life, checkbook, retirement, education and family."

I don't want G. W. Bush telling me what I should be teaching my son in school. Nor do I want Hillary Clinton doing the same.

I don't want the govt to use my social security money to attack Iraq anymore.

I don't want the system that can't audit half of it's own programs for efficiency and ethics to tell me how I am supposed to live, think, eat, and interact with my fellow human.

In a free country, who decides?

Is this a free country?

Are these important questions to you?

In more ways than one, you might want to answer these questions.

And at the same time, remember that only with my permission should you be attempting to answer any of the above questions for me.

And only with your permission will I do the same in return.

Voluntary. Choice. Respect. Trust. Compassion. Empathy. Honesty. Liberty. Community. Self-worth. Social Respect. Personal Choice.

"We capture these words, pull them down from the sky, press them to wood and sand. And though they stay and amuse us. They have spirits that are bound to a greater core. The spirit of the law does not rest in books, it rests in us and in the interaction with the rest of the outside world. All of which IS seeking the same thing, Harmony" KPL-


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