The Wookie Libertarian Club - Oh' Oh' O'Really

There was a recent mention in the site about Bill O'Reilly. He said, "I'm not a 'Star Wars' fan. I can't tell a Wookie from a Libertarian."

This prompted a smart response letter that has stirred a few people up.

One comment revisited the fact that the Fox 'beacon of morals' kept the term/name/mention of the party off the radar.

So I thought I'd repost a letter sent to me by Dean Ahmad who was SUPPOSED to be a guest on with O'really, but was cancelled while en` route to the show because he would not comply with the shows request to NOT mention Badnarik (the LP candidate) OR the Libertarian Party.

As you read ponder this, Why has so much of the media blacklisted anyone bold enough to be with a third party?

Scott Lindsley - - -


Dear Scott:


Muslim community leader and long-time Libertarian
Party activist Dean Ahmad was appointed Muslim
Outreach Coordinator by the campaign of Libertarian
Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik. He was
delighted when the O'Reilly Factor television program
invited him to appear Thursday night to give an
opposing point of view to O'Reilly's guest Muhammad
Ali Hasan, founder of 'Muslims for Bush.' On the way
to the studio, however, he received a call from
O'Reilly's staffer informing him that although he
would be identified as a Muslim supporter of Badnarik,
he must not mention the Libertarian Party or
Badnarik's name on the air. Ahmad assured the staffer
that he would not turn the segment into a Badnarik
campaign ad, but insisted that preventing him from
mentioning his candidate's name even once would muzzle
his main point that one need not support Kerry to
oppose Bush. The staffer had the driver they hired
take Ahmad home and another local Muslim with no
connection to the Badnarik campaign, Khalid Turaani,
was hurried to the studio to take his place. But when
O'Reilly tried to intimate that the only alternative
to voting for Bush was voting for Kerry, Turaani
spontaneously replied that as a conservative he would
never vote for Kerry and intended to vote for the
Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik. Watching this
turn of affairs at home, Ahmad was reminded of a verse
in the Qur’an: “They plotted their plans and God made
His plans, and God is the best of planners.”

I. Dean Ahmad
Bethesda, MD



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