BlueOregon: Minimum Wage for Politicians

BlueOregon: Minimum Wage for Politicians

My comment to the article above about Oregon politicians (like so many others) voting themselves a pay increase while the rest of us jump through the hoops they set up to take our monies!-

The voters should be the only ones to vote a pay increase for our representatives.

Too much power in the hands of our elected officials keeps this type of action going on.

You want to increase the min. wage? Why not eliminate the IRS and let the poor keep what they earn. Why have an income tax when the govt wastes half of what it gets?

There is no reason that the 15% the fed gets from the income tax could not be cut by eliminating sections of the war machine and cutting the FAT paychecks of the politicians and the huge staffs they man.

Again, the voters should be the only ones to vote a pay increase for our representatives.

Always wanting a cost of living increase. . . ?

How about getting a cost of living increase by lowering (the often wasted) taxes?

Clean house and make life better for the people in one fell swoop.

Oh, I forgot, you hate the rich so all must suffer as you drag them around the room by the nose ring. (and here I thought you opposed the abuse of force?!?)

And if we reduced the burden of wasted time and monies complying with the IRS (that can not be audited externally by the way!!!) we would make things much better for all.

The IRS keeps one third of what it brings in, just to sustain itself.

SO the fed gets 66% and the poor and uneducated get in a state of constant penalty for not complying with the newest version of the tax code.

Time to make it stop.

Scott Lindsley

PS, How about eliminating the maximum wage in the form of blank checks to corporations and govt contractors. Subsidies much??? Save money, Vote libertarian! Would that make you feel better about getting rid of the IRS?

Blue Oregon is a progressive haven of thought. I like to offer the Libertarian perspective to them now and again. I think abuse by government OR corporations should be unacceptable. The common line in letters I've read and just watching how the political spectrum works is that the repubs are PRO business and the demo's are PRO social programme. Why does that mean the repubs ignore corporate abuse and dems ignore government waste? I realize I am generalizing here, but if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and smells like a duck. . . . It's a goose.

Comment at will with wreckless abandonvehicle!!!!!


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