KEXP 90.3 FM - where the music matters

KEXP 90.3 FM - where the music matters

Okay, can I just say, I LOVE this station.

1- No commercials
2- The DJ's choose the music
3- They archive the tunes for two weeks (like what you hear, go back to the site for two weeks and play the song over and over and over. . . . . etc
4- Live shows are archived forever (and that's a mighty long time)
5- No shock Jocks
6- I hear new music everyday (or I have alzheimers)
7- They have bands in studio all the time
8- You can send a link to your girlfriend in Uzbekistan telling her to listen to last Friday night at ten pm
9- She can click to buy the album that she fell in love with thanks to you
10- They promote shows and bands all the time.

Just go to the web site and see for yourself.



Anonymous said…
KEXP - Your tax dollars at work...

Anyone hear the new Jack FM? It's odd. I don't like it. I want DJs, oddly enough.
Scott said…

I want them off tax dollars so bad it's sick. That's why I'm a pledging member and, as most of their dough comes from pledge drives, I always push for getting them off the dole.

I listen to NPR once in awhile too. . . should I feel guilty about it?

I would stop govt funding for all those if I were in an office with such power. Of course in the same action, I would be sure that the people were not taxed for it, and therefore could pledge to the stations they choose, and not the stations they despise or don't use.

Ole' Mrs. Mcdonalds gave NPR 200 million. . . they should be using it to get off the govt. teat.
Anonymous said…
Ok, but Public Radio stations like KEXP wouldn't exist without the government's help. Not that they couldn't, but they wouldn't. It's nice to have things that aren't commercial.
Scott said…
I agree, but that is the reason I donate to them. The more people donate, the less govt money they need.

And I called them today on a seperate issue, but asked about this one, and they said the majority of thier money comes from the listeners, Then the underwriting, and the smallest percent is the governemnt grants (which, if I understood correctly, they have not had for three years!!!)

So there CAN be a non-commercial, non-profit, station that survives on the good will and donations of it's audience.

I'd love to see this one mirrored across the world.

And I'm. . . . (gasp)

A libertarian. (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!)

I guess I'm attempting dispell the myth that libertarians are -'gimme every red cent you have' type folks.

In fact, most libertarians I know are as pissed at the corporate exemptions and abuses as they are at the government waste and abuses.

Live simply, so that others can simply live.

Or better yet,

Vote Libertarian!
For the Greater Good!!!

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