Instant Runoff Voting, works for me!!!

Instant Runoff Voting


A simple explanation of the Instant Runoff Voting system that would:

- Stop wasting taxpayer dollars on the primaries. You would just vote for whomever the party selects as it's candidate.

- Eliminate the whole wasted vote claim.

- Frighten the repubs and dems a little. (it's about time too)

- Create an easy way to vote for ALL the candidates on the ballot you like without being forced to choose the lesser of evils first off the bat. They could be your second choice, after the guy you really want.

- Save the free world as we know it. (the last comment does not reflect the views of sanity or it's affiliates!)

So check out the short and simple flash animated ting that will show you how easy it would be to vote for who you want.


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