promises broken

I do not know what to wish for with the American public moving forward with the Democrats in many lead roles.

I know the party is over and the cleanup has begun and in the mix we have thrown out many of the drastic, or even cautionary motions to improve the situation in Iraq and here at home. Several different plans are now being floated from how to edit/exit/adopt Iraq and many do not contain the fury they did prior to the election.

People wanted change, so millions voted for the same Democrats that have voted for the war, for the patriot act, for many of the things pushed through by the Bush agenda. I only hope the swelling of blue representatives provides some relief from the tracks we have been on for too long and a return to the protections the Constitution lays out for all of us.

Also, Bush has said repeatedly that leaving Iraq or even setting a timetable for leaving Iraq sends the wrong message to our enemies.

I wonder if he has ever thought that staying in Iraq could have the same effect.

I thought our enemies attacked us and hence we should be seeking out the criminals that did attack us, not setting up permanent bunkers in one of the countries that had (compared to other countries) next to nothing to do with the Sept 11th event.

I voted for the Libertarian in my state race.

I wish more had done the same which could have been a CLEAR message to all interested parties that we will must restore protections of all human rights.

Discouraging though the voter turnout may be, there was a large amount of great coverage in the press for the Libertarians and really we get the press we deserve. We have a lot of groundwork to lay before we get the vote totals we are seeking.

This will be made easier with each person who donates time and funds to the
or the www.lp org

Keep up the struggle for peace, freedom, and hope,



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