Everything in its right place

Happy Thanksgiving (belated) and my all your dreams come true. Liam said, 'When you are one zillion years old you are too big for this house.

I did not want to break his heart and tell him that this is really an apartment, but He'll learn. It may not be till he is one kajillion years old, but so be it. He'll have his own place in the Seattle underground by then.

As this WINTER kicks in and gets ready to thrash us about, I am planning on spending some hours at the new LPWA office and making it a livable and sustainable place.

I have posted a few videos to my blog here and would suggest you watch them if you have a minute or twenty.

I am listening to Radiohead, The Fire Theft, and a ton of other goodies as I chill here with you.

ALSO, if you dig the Beatles. . .

Have I got a link to a new album for you:





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