Pro-peace percent

I was honoured to be a volunteer for the Guthrie for Senate team. I wish we could have reached more people in this election, but it is still a very large progression from where we were in 2004. Bruce and the hard working staff really won a victory tonight. Though we did not meet all the goals we set out to, the most important one WAS met. Giving the voters in this democratic system a choice. Bruce ran a pro-peace, socially tolerant and fiscally responsible campaign.

Building a support staff for 2008 will be a key in getting larger returns. Bruce's run was a freshman campaign in the terms of using the new approach to candidacy. We have much to learn and barely enough time to do so. This being said, we get the government we deserve. This is why I volunteer for the party that reflects my views.

Now on to life after the political season.




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