Sometime you just gotta say. . .


Or gee whiz.

It is a cultural as well as generational thing, really. I mean, if you were in. . . say. . . a biker bar and you went around saying, 'oh pooh' when you were really frustrated about something, they'd beat the living pooh right out of you.

You have to know your audience because all the world's a stage.

So remember, the only time the 'oh pooh' thing will fly is when you are around very young children or seniors with disabilities. For some bizarre reason the seniors with disabilities really get a crack up about the use of the expletive, 'OH Pooh!!!'

Try it sometime, I bet you'll like it.

In fact, you can refer to my "Expletive Guide to Northern American Social Groups" soon to be available at Amazong and Ebeyit.

If you frustrated in Iowa, try the handy 'doggone' or 'confoundit'.

If you find yourself in Florida and hit your thumb with a hammer, yell out, 'fuhshizzle'. This use of the Snoop dog slang has really stuck around in the dog leg of America that is FLA*..

Check back here for more Expletive Updates and feel free to e-mail me when you are planning to travel abroad.

Until next time, 'Stuff it with a candy bar!'


*DO NOT use 'Fuhshizzle' in Newark or Sacramento as it will cause you to be beaten to the point of using the more offensive expletive, 'Daaaang it all!'


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